The film documents his continuing efforts to battle climate change. Jung wandcontactdoos 1-voudig met randaarde Aluminium AL 1520 N 15,39 (incl. I was advised there was nothing wrong with that. This section explains the Company’s executive compensation program as it relates to the following “named executive officers” whose compensation information is presented in the tables following this discussion in accordance with SEC … [36] In 1991, Gore was one of ten Democrats who supported the Gulf War.[36]. You may retrieve the full proxy statement by going to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at and entering the company's name and then looking in the first column for an entry of "Form DEF 14A" (or any similar code). "[107] In March 1997, Gore had to explain phone calls which he made to solicit funds for Democratic Party for the 1996 election. In 2000, while on the Late Show with David Letterman he read Letterman's Top 10 List (which for this show was called, "Top Ten Rejected Gore – Lieberman Campaign Slogans") to the audience. [215] Gore appeared with her at a rally on Miami Dade College's Kendall Campus on October 11, 2016. Forever Jung. [10][252], This article is about the former U.S. vice president. Gore's advisers believed that the "Lewinsky scandal and Bill's past womanizing...alienated independent voters—especially the soccer moms, who stood for traditional values". Senator from Tennessee, and Pauline (LaFon) Gore, one of the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt University Law School. [97] During this time, he also became associated with Digital Earth.[98]. "[13], In August 1991, Gore announced that his son's accident was a factor in his decision not to run for president during the 1992 presidential election. I ùi 1993 nî kàu 2001 nî toè Bill Clinton chóng-thóng ho̍k-bū. VIDEO: Al Gore Defends Current Sale to Al Jazeera, Dismisses Fossil Fuel Hyopcrisy Charges . These statements cast Gore in a negative light,[72] leading voters away from Gore who received only 10% of the vote in the New York Primary. [151] In May 2018, he was included as a member of the Indian Government committee to coordinate year long celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary from October 2, 2019. "[16], CNN noted that, "in 1988, for the first time, 12 Southern states would hold their primaries on the same day, dubbed "Super Tuesday". His major theme was the need to strengthen the American family. [21], Gore was an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories,[21] but he did not do well in science classes and avoided taking math. Former Vice President Al Gore said his predictions from 2006 about climate change over the next ten years have come true and claimed part of the damage has been irreversible. [96] In 1998, Gore began promoting a NASA satellite (Deep Space Climate Observatory) that would provide a constant view of the Earth, marking the first time such an image would have been made since The Blue Marble photo from the 1972 Apollo 17 mission. All proxy statements are public filings made available to the general public by the SEC. Al Gore. But I was proud to wear my country's uniform. Gore campaigned for the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States against Joe Biden, Gary Hart, Dick Gephardt, Paul Simon, Jesse Jackson, and Michael Dukakis (who eventually won the Democratic nomination). [20][21], Gore met Mary Elizabeth "Tipper" Aitcheson at his St. Albans senior prom in 1965. [229], A "Climate and Health Summit" which was originally going to be held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was cancelled without warning in late January 2017. [210][211] Such support led to new speculation after Obama was elected president during the 2008 presidential election that Gore would be named a member of the Obama administration. [139] Gore accepted his party's nomination and spoke about the major themes of his campaign, stating in particular his plan to extend Medicare to pay for prescription drugs and to work for a sensible universal health-care system. He is a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and a member of Apple, Inc.’s board of directors. [4][5] He has served as a visiting professor at Middle Tennessee State University, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Fisk University and the University of California, Los Angeles. Housing went up, suburban boom happened, everybody became mobile. [216][217], Gore has been involved with environmental issues since 1976 when as a freshman congressman, he held the "first congressional hearings on the climate change, and co-sponsor[ed] hearings on toxic waste and global warming. Al Gore made $360,264 in total compensation. Gore was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, 1978, 1980 and 1982 and the U.S. Senate in 1984 and 1990. [4][5] He also helped to organize the Live Earth benefit concerts. "[189] Dean's former campaign manager, Joe Trippi, also stated that after Gore's endorsement of Dean, "alarm bells went off in every newsroom in the country, in every other campaign in the country", indicating that if something did not change, Dean would be the nominee. Albert Arnold Gore Jr. (born March 31, 1948) is an American politician and environmentalist who served as the 45th vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001. The 2000 presidential election was one of the closest presidential races in history. He was known as one of the Atari Democrats, later called the "Democrats' Greens, politicians who see issues like clean air, clean water and global warming as the key to future victories for their party. [20][32], Gore was in college during the era of anti Vietnam War protests. The U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the fund-raising activities had uncovered evidence that Chinese agents sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before the 1996 presidential campaign. [112] In the wake of the Al-Anfal Campaign, during which Hussein staged deadly mustard and nerve gas attacks on Kurdish Iraqis, Gore cosponsored the Prevention of Genocide Act of 1988, which would have cut all assistance to Iraq. Albert Arnold "Al" Gore Jr. (Washington, 31. ožujka 1948. De kernwaarden van Jung zijn van hoogwaardige kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid bieden aan de consument. [26], In June 2010 (shortly after purchasing a new home),[27] the Gores announced in an e-mail to friends that after "long and careful consideration" they had made a mutual decision to separate. I knew it was a political event, and I knew there were finance people that were going to be present, and so that alone should have told me, 'This is inappropriate and this is a mistake; don't do this.' The circumstances are really completely different. She was from the nearby St. Agnes School. On March 9, 2000, after failing to win any of the first 20 primaries and caucuses in the election process, Bradley withdrew his campaign and endorsed Gore. Kap Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change kong-ke 2007 nî ê Nobel Hô-pêng Chióng. The information shown here is a reporting of information included in the company's proxy statement. Al Gore besøgte Aalborg Universitet den 17. januar 2007, hvor han holdt foredrag for en stor forsamling af studerende. ... And yet, Gore has come to be regarded by strategists in both parties as the best vice presidential pick in at least 20 years. A native of Tennessee, Al Gore served as vice president of the United States under President Bill Clinton from 1992 to 2000, after a long tenure in the U.S. Gore was Bill Clinton's running mate in their successful campaign in 1992 and the pair were re-elected in 1996. [60], Gore introduced the Supercomputer Network Study Act of 1986. One observer concluded it was "Al Gore who has the best chance to defeat the incumbent president", noting that "of the 43 Presidents, only three have been direct descendants of former Presidents:" John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush, that "all three won the office only after... anomalies in the Electoral College", that the first two were defeated for re-election in a populist backlash, and finally that "the men who first lost to the presidential progeny and then beat them" (i.e. Tracing the Real Story of the 'Al Gore Invented the Internet' Hoax", "What I've Learned: Vint Cerf, Creator of the Internet, 64, McLean, Virginia", "CNN Late edition with Wolf Blitzer: 10th Anniversary Special", "Webby Awards not laughing at Gore's contribution to Net Former Vice President of the United States", "Political Briefing; Gore Is Followed By AIDS Protesters", "Bradley returns to boyhood home to launch fall campaign", "Republicans Express a Joint Fear: Of Bradley, Not Gore", "Bradley Accepts Gore's Offer, And 7 Debates Will Be Held", "Gore rolls up delegates in Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona", "The 2000 campaign: The Vice President; Gore and Lieberman Make Tolerance the Centerpiece", "Joe Lieberman, Karenna Gore Schiff Speak to the Democratic National Convention", "Bush, Gore kick off fall campaign season with appeal to working families", "Stuart Rothenberg: Gore, Bush hope third debate is the charm", "Robert Novak: Big win eludes Gore in final presidential debate", "Election Night: A Media Watch Special Report", "Bush begins transition, urges Gore not to contest", "Transcript: Gore remarks on Florida vote certification", "George W. Bush, et al., Petitioners v. Albert Gore, Jr., et al., 531 U.S. 98 (2000)", "It's a Mess, But We've Been Through It Before", "Vice President Al Gore delivers remarks", "Gandhi's Birth Anniversary To Mark India's Resolve For Just Society: Kovind", "Gore challenges Bush Iraqi policy: Questions the timing of a military strike", "Gore Says Bush Betrayed the U.S. by Using 9/11 as a Reason for War in Iraq", "Al Gore airlifts Katrina victims out of New Orleans", "Transcript: Former Vice President Gore's Speech on Constitutional Issues", "U.S. Gore's spokesperson responded in 2007 that the court had upheld the film's fundamental thesis and its use as an educational tool. "[92] Critics claimed that the initiatives would "backfire, bloating Congressional pork and creating whole new categories of Federal waste. Gore stated: "They even claim that those of us who disagree with their point of view are waging war against people of faith. En febreiro de 2007, Al Gore e o presidente da empresa Virgin, Richard Branson, lanzaron unha competición que dará 50 millóns de dólares ao científico que presente a mellor proposta para 'limpar o ar' do planeta, ou sexa, diminuír as cantidades de dióxido de carbono na atmosfera. [20] In his senior year, he took a class with oceanographer and global warming theorist Roger Revelle, who sparked Gore's interest in global warming and other environmental issues. When he joined Bill Clinton's ticket, it violated the old rules. [132] Gore went on the offensive during these debates leading to a drop in the polls for Bradley. The chart on this page features a breakdown of the total annual pay for Al Gore at Apple Inc. as reported in their proxy statements. [37] Actor Tommy Lee Jones, a former college housemate, recalled Gore saying that "if he found a fancy way of not going, someone else would have to go in his place". [186] He was criticized for this endorsement by eight Democratic contenders particularly since he did not endorse his former running mate Joe Lieberman (Gore preferred Dean over Lieberman because Lieberman supported the Iraq War and Gore did not). This report is not for commercial use. Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr. (born March 31, 1948) is a former American politician.He was the Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton from 1993 to 2001. SSRN Gore went on to capture the New Hampshire primary 53-47%, which had been a must-win state for Bradley. Kline informed Gore and Simon of the desperate conditions at the hospital and asked Gore and Simon to arrange relief. [16] Tipper followed Gore to Boston to attend college,[15] and they married at the Washington National Cathedral on May 19, 1970. Al Gore nejprve studoval ve Washingtonu, roku 1965 se zapsal na Harvardovu univerzitu a v roce 1969 studium úspěšně dokončil (diplomová práce na téma: „Vliv televize na výkon prezidentského úřadu“). De klimaatproblematiek is geen handelsmerk van Al Gore, het is een probleem dat rond ons allemaal draait. [135] By then, he secured the Democratic nomination. To review a few of them briefly: in 1991, Iraq had crossed an international border, invaded a neighboring sovereign nation and annexed its territory. Apple’s Board of Directors now has seven members: Chairman Arthur D. Levinson (CEO of Alphabet’s biotech R&D company Calico), James A. [127] In making the speech, Gore also distanced himself from Bill Clinton, who he stated had lied to him. [20][21] On his second day on campus, he began campaigning for the freshman student government council and was elected its president. Not with two Southerners from neighboring states. Although Gore frequently stated that he had "no plans to run", he did not reject the possibility of future involvement in politics which led to speculation that he might run. 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Albert Gore and Pauline Gore share words with their son Al Jr. and his bride", "Next First Lady Will Recast Role – Tipper Gore and Laura Bush", "Biography: Gore's road from Tennessee to the White House", "Al Gore, Tipper Gore snap up Montecito area villa. I want to ask you now, every single one of you, to join me in supporting him. "[38] He also later stated that his experience in Vietnam, didn't change my conclusions about the war being a terrible mistake, but it struck me that opponents to the war, including myself, really did not take into account the fact that there were an awful lot of South Vietnamese who desperately wanted to hang on to what they called freedom. Our year-over-year revenue growth rate accelerated during each quarter in 2017 and drove earnings per share growth of 11%. "[174] After An Inconvenient Truth was nominated for an Academy Award, Donna Brazile (Gore's campaign chairwoman from his 2000 campaign) speculated that Gore might announce a possible presidential candidacy during the Oscars. At the end of February 1976, U.S. Representative Joe L. Evins unexpectedly announced his retirement from Congress, making Tennessee's 4th congressional district seat, to which he had succeeded Albert Gore Sr. in 1953 open. Also earmarked [were] a raft of basic technologies like digital imaging and data storage. Al Gore and Texas Gov. [102][103] The Clinton administration left office three years later without having submitted the treaty for ratification. "[121] In a speech to the American Political Science Association, former Republican Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich also stated: "In all fairness, it's something Gore had worked on a long time. "[219] In the late 1990s, Gore strongly pushed for the passage of the Kyoto Protocol, which called for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. [238][239], Data in An Inconvenient Truth have been questioned. The proxy must be sent to every shareholder in advance of the company's annual shareholders meeting. Albert Gore junior (poznatiji kao Al Gore) rođen je 31. ožujka 1948. godine u prijestolnici Sjedinjenih Američka Država - Washingtonu. $10,232 came from other types of compensation. Many pundits saw Gore's choice of Lieberman as further distancing him from the scandals of the Clinton White House. This speculation was enhanced by a meeting held between Obama, Gore, and Joe Biden in Chicago on December 9, 2008. Now that he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore joins an elite club that includes presidents, activists and holy men. On Gore's personal financial commitment, two airlines each provided a plane with one flight later underwritten by Larry Flax. It is also a club … "[66][67] He continued to speak on the topic throughout the 1980s,[68] and is still prevalent in the environmental community. Gore won the popular vote, but after a controversial election dispute over a Florida recount (settled by the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled 5–4 in favor of Bush), he lost the election to Republican opponent George W. Bush in the Electoral College. 3706, A BILL AMENDING TITLE 5, UNITED STATES CODE TO MAKE THE BIRTHDAY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., A LEGAL PUBLIC HOLIDAY. Andrea Jung (Chair) | Al Gore | Bob Iger . In this clip, we see Biden trying to get a jab in on Trump and he can’t even complete the line. 98), which declared opposition to any greenhouse gas treaty which would limit US emissions without similar limits on third-world countries such as China. [15], Of his time in the Army, Gore later stated, "I didn't do the most, or run the gravest danger. [152], Beginning in 2002, Gore began to publicly criticize the Bush administration. Gore is the founder and current chair of The Climate Reality Project, the co-founder and chair of Generation Investment Management, the now-defunct Current TV network, a member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc. and a senior adviser to Google. Jung schakelmateriaal komt eveneens zoals de andere schakelmateriaal aanbieders uit Duitsland. "[69][218], In 1990, Senator Gore presided over a three-day conference with legislators from over 42 countries which sought to create a Global Marshall Plan, "under which industrial nations would help less developed countries grow economically while still protecting the environment. During his sophomore year, he reportedly spent much of his time watching television, shooting pool and occasionally smoking marijuana. "[161] In a 2009 interview with CNN, Gore commented on former Vice President Dick Cheney's criticism of the Obama administration. He thought that it was silly and juvenile to use a private university as a venue to vent anger at the war. [116], Former UCLA professor of information studies Philip E. Agre and journalist Eric Boehlert argued that three articles in Wired News led to the creation of the widely spread urban legend that Gore claimed to have "invented the Internet", which followed this interview. [165] On December 16, 2002, however, Gore announced that he would not run in 2004. George W. Bush has always been able to charm people; Al Gore has always been able to leave them a little uncomfortable. So he really does deserve credit. "[153][154] In a speech given in 2004, during the presidential election, Gore accused George W. Bush of betraying the country by using the 9/11 attacks as a justification for the invasion of Iraq. Maine Man. In 2008, Gore won the Dan David Prize for Social Responsibility.[1][2]. Gore eventually went on to win every primary and caucus and, in March 2000 even won the first primary election ever held over the Internet, the Arizona Presidential Primary. [251] He also starred in the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2007 and wrote the book An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It, which won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album in 2009. Al Gore was the 45th Vice President of the United States under the Clinton administration from 1993 until 2001 and ran for president against George Bush in 2000. As a member of Board of Directors at Apple Inc., [46] In 1984, Gore successfully ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate, which had been vacated by Republican Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. [89] When Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee for president on June 3, 2008, speculation began that Gore might be tapped for the vice presidency. [157] In 2006, Gore criticized Bush's use of domestic wiretaps without a warrant. Former Vice President Al Gore is the co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management. "[92], During the election and his term as vice president, Gore popularized the term Information Superhighway, which became synonymous with the Internet, and he was involved in the creation of the National Information Infrastructure. : Tracing the Real Story of the "Al Gore Invented the Internet" Hoax, Computer: A History of the Information Machine, The National Information Infrastructure:A Public Interest Opportunity, Gigabit Gestalt: Clinton and Gore embrace an activist technology policy, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, United States Senator (Class 2) from Tennessee, Unsuccessful major party candidates for President of the United States, 2009 imprisonment of American journalists by North Korea, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, United Nations Blue Berets stationed in Ex-Yugoslavia, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, United States Senate Democratic Conference Secretary, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Florida election recount and legal proceedings, Bush v. 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Al Gore., Dresden, Germany. He later said he went there in order to explore "spiritual issues",[26] and that "he had hoped to make sense of the social injustices that seemed to challenge his religious beliefs. George W. Bush, the former president’s eldest son, was one of the closest and most controversial in the republic’s history. Associated Press Former Vice President Al Gore speaks at the Millennium Summit on Thursday, April 22, ... Helen Jung, Kimberly Wilson and Lynne Terry contributed to this report. For other uses, see, "Albert Gore" redirects here. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY . When the Internet was still in the early stages of its deployment, Congressman Gore provided intellectual leadership by helping create the vision of the potential benefits of high speed computing and communication. 1995–2001). "[71] During this time, Gore wrote Earth in the Balance, a text that became the first book written by a sitting U.S. [245] Following his visit, Gore spoke briefly to the media standing outside the elevator of Trump Tower. He was introduced by Vint Cerf who used the same format to joke: "We all invented the Internet."