Romanoff learns of the Infinity Stones' activity. Black Widow then proceeded to fight Ultron's army, using her batons to electrocute them. However, due to being in a weak state, he collapsed so Bruce Banner tended to him while the others waited. Romanoff eventually freed herself and attempted to escape from Hulk. Still under duress, Sitwell proceeded to reveal that HYDRA's ultimate plan was to use the Insight Helicarriers to eliminate the list of threats directly from the Triskelion. However, being alone all her life until she was a part of the Avengers, which she saw as her family, Romanoff continued the team, with Carol Danvers, Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, James Rhodes, and Okoye acting as members, operating on a bigger scale than they used to, helping reform the world back to normal after the Snap. Romanoff continues searching for Clint Barton, Banner observed their work and asked them what they were doing, to which Fury responded that they were searching for Barton, who was missing, using cell phone signals, cameras, wireless phones, to triangulate his location, but Romanoff warned that using that method wouldn't find Barton and Loki in time so they could thwart his next plan. Stark then asked her what she would do if it was her last birthday, which she told him that she would do whatever she wanted with whoever she wanted to do it with before leaving. When the fight got dirtier, including attempting to drive the knife into her neck while pulling her hair back, Romanoff used her teeth to bite him in order to disarm Barton, forcing him to drop his knife. After the brief fight, the team discussed what had occurred. Coco becomes enlisted by various Beverly Hills socialites to perform her powers for them until Coco's father chooses to admit her to Miss Robichaux's Academy. Natasha Romanoff (Natalia Alianovna Romanova) alias Black Widow  ist eine ehemalige KGB- undS.H.I.E.L.D.-Agentin. 1984 He immediately turned around sensing her presence and the two friends had a prolonged fight using her combat skills, Romanoff was able to fight Barton and defend herself from his attacks with his bow and arrows and knife. Banner came to terms with her death and declared that Romanoff's sacrifice would not be for nothing. Inside the Helicarrier, Romanoff assisted Nick Fury and other S.H.I.E.L.D. Hawkeye eventually received Romanoff's signal and revealed it to the rest of the Avengers leading them to fly to Sokovia to defeat Ultron and rescue her. Romanoff tells Banner about Fury's request. The entirety of Romanoff's character was hard to distinguish based on how she tricked and lied to people for a living. As she left, Romanoff advised Rogers to be careful before digging deeper into finding the Winter Soldier, warning him that he may not want to cause himself more trouble. (mentioned)Iron Man 2: Black Widow: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big WeekThe Avengers Prelude: Black Widow StrikesThe Avengers: The Avengers InitiativeIron Man 2 AdaptationIron Man 3 PreludeThor: The Dark World PreludeCaptain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite ComicCaptain America: HomecomingThe Avengers AdaptationAvengers: Age of Ultron Prelude - This Scepter'd IsleAvengers: Operation HYDRACaptain America: Civil War PreludeCaptain America: Road to WarSpider-Man: Homecoming PreludeAvengers: Infinity War PreludeCaptain Marvel PreludeAvengers: Endgame PreludeBlack Widow Prelude Affiliation Originally a KGB operative and dangerous assassin, Romanoff was recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. Iron Man requested Romanoff to give Hulk his lullaby method to calm him down, but Hawkeye informed him that she was not going to be able to help him as she was disoriented by the visions. Meanwhile, Tony Stark volunteered to go to Norway to find out who changed the nuclear codes Ultron was planning to obtain. Trained extensively in the art of espionage and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, Black Widow's combat skills are virtually unmatched. However, Barnes escaped, but she and Stark knew Barnes was most likely with Rogers, who, along with Wilson, had also escaped custody. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow hatte ihren ersten Auftritt in, Im Film Avengers Endgame versammeln sich alle Frauen des MCU außer Nat, da sie bereits dort tot ist. Wilson then interrupted the two to inform them that he made breakfast which he was unsure if that was something they ate. The two then took a moment to embrace each other's friendship, resting their heads on one another, until Hawkeye caught Romanoff off-guard and threw her down so he could sacrifice himself. After kissing Banner, she pushed him down a hole, causing him to transform into Hulk. When Ultron left, Romanoff turned to use an old Cold War-era communication technique in a bid to reveal her location to the Avengers without being detected, but could do little else except sit and wait.[7]. Romanoff leaving a Congressional committee hearing, When it was brought to attention that Romanoff should be arrested, she stated that she and the other agents that fought against HYDRA in the HYDRA Uprising would not be arrested because they are the best qualified to protect the world and then left the inquiry confident of her future within the Avengers, although she left S.H.I.E.L.D. [2] She then retrieved Hammer Industries data before Ivan Vanko's bombs went off, which caused many explosions at the Stark Expo, thus damaging a majority of the facility.[10]. Eventually, the plan of keeping the fight contained proved meaningless; she decided to obtain one of the Chitauri Chariots and fly it to Stark Tower. Rogers then questioned Romanoff about the USB's location and what was on it which she told him that it was safe and that she didn't know what was on it. Aufgrund der Zeitreise Steve Rogers am Ende von Endgame, ist es unbekannt, was aus ihr wurde. As Romanoff tried to free herself, she witnessed as Banner transformed into Hulk, leaving Romanoff horrified. Black Widow was able to evade the explosion but was still knocked to the ground. However, Rogers insisted that he should be the one who to bring Barnes in since he would not die by trying it. Under the guise of Rogers showing Romanoff the places that he grew up, they managed to draw out the Cadre mercenaries that had set up in multiple locations throughout the neighborhood. Rogers then suggested another brain they could use to help them, Bruce Banner.[8]. After being frustrated with Stark's behavior, James Rhodes stole Iron Man Armor: Mark II and engaged in a fight with Stark, causing the party guests to leave. - Basis, wo sie zusammen auf Arnim Zola bzw. As Black Widow approached Hulk, she took off her gloves and began the lullaby method to calm him down. As Batroc ordered a pirate to start the engines, Romanoff snuck up behind him and knocked him out, as well as several other pirates as she grappled down the boat. However, none of them knew how to handle this idea, so they decided to visit Tony Stark, who was living a normal life with his family. Romanoff stands by Nick Fury's "dead" body. Romanoff then held onto Hulk as he jumped from HYDRA Research Base to the airborne Sokovia. [1], Romanoff using her Bite to defeat a pirate. As Potts did so, Stark inquired Romanoff about her name, and she proceeded with her cover name, Natalie Rushman. She then held his hand to comfort him and the two returned to the facility.[8]. Nachdem er dank Captain Marvel endlich zurückkehrte und zusammen mit Pepper Potts in den Ruhestand ging, versuchte Natasha, so gut es ging, die verbliebenen Avengers zusammen zu halten. Knowing Steve, she knew that he would never surrender and that there was no point in fighting them, so she decided to let them go. The Avengers Prelude: Black Widow Strikes, Captain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite Comic, Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude - This Scepter'd Isle, AVENGERS IMPACT: A WHIH Newsfront Special Report, WHIH Newsfront: The Cost of Saving the World, WHIH Newsfront Exclusive: President Ellis Discusses the Avengers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Retrieving the shield, she sarcastically claimed that she was always picking up after them. Citizenship With all the Avengers assembled once again, they began to work on creating the machine as Scott Lang prepared to test it. She told Banner about the Tesseract and that they require his help to locate it as the Tesseract emits a weak Gamma Radiation signal. Black Widow swiftly taking down mercenaries, Even at a young age, Romanoff was a talented marksman, Romanoff fighting against the Ultron Sentries, Black Widow aiming with her twin handguns, Black Widow using the Chitauri Staff in battle, Black Widow in her second Avengers uniform, Romanoff disguised as Councilwoman Hawley, Marvel Cinematic Universe Lore: Black Widow. uniform, Romanoff met with Fury at Randy's Donuts to provide a short-term antidote to Stark's palladium poisoning. Despite being captured, Romanoff was able to inform the team of Ultron's location on Sokovia, resulting in a final battle in which the Avengers had defeated Ultron once and for all. Now that her secrets were revealed to the world, Romanoff needed a new identity. Status As Romanoff watched Stark ogle her, Hogan went to hit her, but Romanoff blocked the blow and scissored him around the head, pinning him to the ground. The Avengers became overwhelmed by the Outriders. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After a while, she decided to change her positions and asked Captain America to give her a boost so she could fight the Chitauri from their ships.[3]. Romanoff and Potts followed Justin Hammer where they discovered that Vanko had taken control over the drones after Romanoff threatened Hammer. Loki then told Romanoff that he would force Barton to kill Romanoff but he ended up revealing that he planned on unleashing Hulk. The council was held hostage by STRIKE who were all HYDRA agents until she took them down and stopped Pierce from executing Singh, thus revealing herself to everyone. They then followed in moving forward so that they were both then charging at each other at full force. She then defeated any guards in her way using multiple gadgets like her Taser Disks, Flash Bombs, wire, and pepper spray as well as her skills. Da ihre Dienste nun anderweitig gebraucht werden, überwältigt sie ihre Gegner mühelos und macht sich auf den Weg nach Indien. With this point being brought up, they were then able to complete their brainstorm for the Time Heist and plan out who was going where. When Ultron attempted to join the fight in his strongest form, Vision, Iron Man and Thor nearly destroyed him with their combined powers. Black Widow flirtet viel mit ihm und beginnt in Hawkeyes Haus eine Romanze mit Bruce. Twenty-three days after the Snap, Captain Marvel returned from her mission to find Tony Stark, carrying Benatar towards the New Avengers Facility. Black Widow was on a mission in Lagos with Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon, where they were waiting to ambush Crossbones. With the Ultron Offensive neutralized, Romanoff returned to the New Avengers Facility with the rest of her teammates. When Captain America's team were stopped by Vision, the rest of Iron Man's team regrouped, Black Widow being carried in by Iron Man. Wilson could see the Romanoff needed a doctor as she was losing blood from her gunshot wound and panicked at one of the STRIKE guards to treat her injury. Romanoff then began disabling security protocols, releasing all of S.H.I.E.L.D. The trio raced for their objective and found that Ultron's plan to create a new android body for itself was already well underway, but the Avengers' arrival caused it to grab the body and flee. When reports of robots attacking sources of Vibranium began surfacing, the Avengers raced to a coastal scrapyard in Africa, where they found Ultron, along with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, taking the Vibranium. Both Sitwell and Rumlow promised to exercise caution with the weapon. [10] At a young age,[3] Romanoff was recruited by the KGB. The original Avengers all gathered outside to mourn the loss of their friend, with Tony Stark asking if Romanoff had any family they had to inform. Anschließend fliegt sie mit Clint (Hawkeye) zurück zur Avengers Basis. Nachdem Thanos die Hälfte allen Lebens auslöschte, wartete Natasha gemeinsam mit den anderen Avengers auf die Rückkehr von Tony Stark. She then revealed their plan to bring everyone back, but he told her to not give him hope, something he had lost which Romanoff wished she could have given him sooner. Despite her lifestyle of espionage and operating within the shadows, Romanoff's adaptability influenced her opinions on the Sokovia Accords. WHiH Newsfront (footage)Team Thor (drawing)Team Thor: Part 2 (drawing) Romanoff approached him and listened as Steve claimed how he initially assumed that everyone he knew was deceased after he awoke from the ice, but later found that Peggy was still alive. While Rogers crashed into a bus, Romanoff and Wilson came under heavy fire. The Black Order and Outriders swarmed the battlefield, attacking the Avengers. Romanoff asked if Stark needed any further assistance with anything else, Potts politely dismissed her. Web series Zeitweise gehörten auch Hawkeye, Luke Cage, Wolverine und Black Widow dazu. Returning to S.H.I.E.L.D. Sie begibt sich zusammen mit Cap zu der alten S.H.I.E.L.D. As Maria Hill joined them, she told the two the ballistics were untraceable, and Romanoff provided the two with the fact that the bullets were Soviet-made. Actors/Actresses Romanoff and Rogers began to question who could launch a domestic missile strike which Rogers figured out it was Alexander Pierce, as Zola's algorithm was on board the Lemurian Star along with Jasper Sitwell. Black Widow was sitting at a cafè with Scarlet Witch, observing the area. Natasha erkennt, dass die beiden aus gutem Grund auf der Flucht sind und stellt sich gegen ihr eigenes Team, indem sie T'Challa mit Elektroschocks ausbremst, bis Steve und Bucky fliehen können. in Gestalt von deren Boss Nick Fury persönlich einmischt und den Angriff abbricht. Rogers also reunited with Bucky Barnes, who had recently been cured of his HYDRA programming. To stop Project Insight, Romanoff used a Photostatic Veil to disguise herself as Hawley and infiltrated the World Security Council. Date of Birth [23], Romanoff after betraying her team in the fight. Alias(es) Maximoff comforted him by assuring that Romanoff knew, as well as Vision.[8]. After a brief dialogue with him, during which Sterns identified Black Widow's birthplace from a hint of an accent in her voice, Romanoff shot him in the leg. Black Widow gave chase on a motorcycle. Natasha gibt sich später im Film als ein Mitglied des Vorstands aus und nimmt Alexander Pierce gefangen. Romanoff watched as the Avengers failed at lifting the hammer and when Banner's turn came, he pretended to turn into Hulk, which none of the others found funny, except Romanoff. Stark, unaware of Romanoff's true identity, asked her to come into the boxing ring so that the two could talk. Before long many of the guests had departed leaving on the Avengers and a few others. Nick Fury interrupted their conversation by saying that her view was about to get a lot better. The two used their combat skills and weapons to fight each other until Hawkeye threw her to the ground. Black Widow caught the vial before it hit the ground, thanking Falcon as she left the area. On the way out, Romanoff and Rogers evaded Brock Rumlow and other STRIKE operatives dressed as bystanders and the two kissed to make them avert their gaze. They started with the Aether, watching on as Thor told them about it, but started to get off-topic due to him not being in control of his emotions. Thaddeus Ross, present at the compound via a holographic video call, ordered Rhodes to arrest her, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff, but he disobeyed the order, cutting off the call. She boarded the Ten Rings' plane and caused its explosion. With the sacrifice being made, Hawkeye then obtained the Soul Stone.[8]. Romanoff is informed of Nick Fury's shooter. A shocked Banner then asked her what she was doing the whole time, to which she responded that he did not willingly come to the Helicarrier to assist the Avengers in finding the Tesseract just to watch her. During the conference, a bomb was activated, killing T'Chaka. Romanoff displayed worry of failing, but Madame B. assured her she wouldn't. They were then joined by Hawkeye, who gave Black Widow her batons. Tony Stark organized a party in Avengers Tower to celebrate their victory against HYDRA and obtaining the Scepter. Besitzen Sie den Mut von Captain America, den Verstand von Iron Man, die Wendigkeit von Spider-Man oder die Furchtlosigkeit von Black Widow? As she made her way, she noticed Captain America's Shield on the road and picked it up. Romanoff, Barton, and Rogers prepared to leave for Seoul, where they believed Ultron would be with Helen Cho as he needed to use the Cradle.[7]. Black Widow sat down as she contemplated doing "whatever it takes" to retrieve the stone, while Hawkeye voiced his disbelief. Romanoff then returned to the states, reconciling herself to accept what she had when she had it. Black Widow was then incapacitated when Wanda Maximoff snuck up behind Widow and inflicted a nightmarish vision upon her. Romanoff tells the history of the Winter Soldier, She then warned Rogers that the Winter Soldier was a ghost story, noting that many of the intelligence communities don't believe he even exists, also providing advice that going after him is a dead as she had tried for years to uncover his true identity after their first encounter but failed to do so. Romanoff left Potts and went outside where she ordered Happy Hogan to go to Hammer Industries Headquarters. He then rushed towards the cliff and jumped off, but Black Widow also jumped and grabbed Hawkeye, shooting a grapple and attaching it to him so he wouldn't fall, before trying to sacrifice herself. Fury then checked on the unconscious Romanoff, who came round shortly after. As Loki apprehended, Romanoff and Barton elected to remain in Stark Tower to rest from the battle. During the assignment, while following Natasha, the new Black Widow was caught by security. Romanoff was highly skilled in martial arts, armed combat, espionage, infiltration, disguise, manipulation, evasion, hacking, and assassination. Pepper Potts ist Natasha zunächst ein Dorn im Auge, doch im Verlauf der Ereignisse verstehen sich die beiden Frauen immer besser. Sie reist mit den restlichen Avengers ins Weltall und gesteht das sie zum ersten mal dort hin geht. Catherine CampionLaura Bailey. She was created by editor and plotter Stan Lee, scripter Don Rico and artist Don Heck, and first appeared in Tales of Suspense #52 (April 1964). Becoming frustrated by their opponents' refusal to surrender, Black Widow checked back with Iron Man to ask if this was all a part of the plan, for which he claimed they were only going easy on them, causing them to now going to change up their approach to be more aggressive.[23]. As Rogers told Romanoff that Arnim Zola was most likely the mastermind behind Bucky's transformation into the assassin that he currently was, Romanoff assured Steve that it wasn't his fault. Romanoff asks Steve Rogers if he trusts her. She eventually made it to Stark Tower where the portal to their domain was open and met Erik Selvig, who had come out of the mind control. As Thanos united the six Infinity Stones, however, Thor impaled him with the Stormbreaker. In a meeting hall, Romanoff, Rogers, Wilson, Stark, and Sharon Carter watched Bucky's interrogation by Theo Broussard. However, Romanoff stated that she wasn't the one that needed to watch her back, but rather Stark, due to the loss of allies he created due to how he had chosen to act during the whole incident, not trying to keep his friends together. Barnes freed himself and tried to escape; however, Romanoff, Tony Stark and Sharon Carter engaged him. In 2023, Romanoff held a meeting with the Avengers, who were all at different locations, where she was provided with updates on what they were each doing. Romanoff went on to be Stark's assistant from then on.[2]. Alias They originally named their youngest child after Romanoff before them discovering that it was, in fact, a boy, thus naming him Nathaniel instead, with Romanoff humorously referring to the unborn child as a "traitor." Romanoff asked Rogers about the shooter; Rogers responded that the shooter was fast, strong, and had a metal arm. [8] While the ship was on autopilot, the two had a deep conversation about their relationship. As Romanoff tried to decrypt the USB, she informed Rogers that they had nine minutes until S.H.I.E.L.D. Focusing their attention on Jasper Sitwell, Natasha, Sam, and Steve located the HYDRA mole and abducted him. Black Widow: Durchs Aktivieren einer Superkraft wird ein Wutausbruchs-Buff gewährt, der die Angriffswertung 6 Sekunden lang um 20% erhöht. Together, they worked out that Ultron's next target was Vibranium and he would get that from Ulysses Klaue, an arms dealer and a former associate of von Strucker, in Johannesburg, South Africa.[7]. Fury and Pierce gave their authorizations to release all of the files which Romanoff pointed out that it was trending on the internet. 's downfall, Romanoff went back to Russia in hopes of finding her parents, who she barely knew. Sie reist zusammen mit den anderen Nach Wakanda. Nach dem (scheinbaren) Tod von Nick Fury hilft Natasha Cap die Dateien auf einem Stick zu entschlüsseln. See Also. Romanoff assisted in recruiting Stark and Bruce Banner into the team while they tracked down and attempted to capture Loki, eventually saving Barton from his grasp. The group decided that at the end of all of it, that S.H.I.E.L.D. The team then moved out to the IFID Headquarters where the truck had gone to. Bruce Banner explained what the Cradle is and Cho mentioned that Barton's girlfriend wouldn't even be able to notice the difference which Barton told her that he did not have a girlfriend, not mentioning his wife which only he and Romanoff knew about. Black Widow is tortured by Georgi Luchkov. Rhodes stayed on the channel, telling her that he was in Mexico, still following Barton, telling her that after witnessing the scene he had left, he was not sure if he even wanted to find Barton. Trivia: Black Widow is now considered by many to be the only “true” White Widow available in seed form, as Mr. Nice is the lone seed breeder to possess the original parental genetics. Zola establishing how he rebuilt HYDRA cells while maintaining his job for S.H.I.E.L.D. Romanoff was then sterilized, to avoid any distractions and focus solely on her missions. On her way to Vienna, where the Accords would be amended, she stopped at Saint Luke's Cathedral, where Steve Rogers had attended the funeral of Peggy Carter. Ultimately, the Avengers and Romanoff defeated HYDRA and Jensen and destroyed her weapon.[20]. Romanoff was sent to spy on Luckkov's activities in Russia, however, she was knocked out from behind by his henchmen, who caught her sneaking around. He told her to tell his family, when they were brought back, that he loved them. She managed to temporarily subdue the Winter Soldier and attempted to strangle him. Ross explained that while there were many who were grateful for the heroic actions of the Avengers, some deemed the members of the organization dangerous and believed the Accords would establish sanctions and oversight of the group. Iron Man (mentioned)Iron Man 2Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game She also noted that if they did nothing, all victims of the Snap would stay dead. Romanoff asked Thor for an assessment of Banner's skills on the battlefield; Thor commented on Hulk's violence has resulted in the deaths of dozens of HYDRA soldiers. Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) Romanoff insisted that his mission was to rescue the hostages, while hers was to secure the information on the Lemurian Star. After Romanoff gave him the nod of approval, Rogers allowed Barton to join them on the mission.[3]. Romanoff fights a mind controlled Clint Barton. However, she was no longer afraid of him due to falling in love with Bruce Banner. Romanoff identified this project as Operation Paperclip, a S.H.I.E.L.D. Beruf The Helicarrier then began to take off so the three went inside and headed towards the main control room which contained Agents Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, and Maria Hill. They then made their way through the planet, climbing up the mountain, which they found to be exhausting. Female Romanoff ran away from the incoming cars and used her bite to grapple off the bridge, while a car fell off the bridge, exploding. The Avengers all then suited up in their Advanced Tech Suits and made their way to the platform, where Captain America gave them a speech about everything that had led up to that moment and how this was their only opportunity to change what had happened. Believing herself to be a monster like how Banner considers himself, the two then considered starting a new life with one another.[7]. Romanoff eventually rejoined the Avengers, working to bring down various HYDRA cells across the world and assisting in the capture of Wolfgang von Strucker. Einfach rundum mega, die Frau! Seeing this, the Winter Soldier fired a single round through Romanoff's stomach and into the scientist, effectively killing him. Black Widow is only recommended for patients who have been toking for a while, as its intensity can overwhelm novice users and potentially trigger panic attacks. As peaceful negotiations quickly failed, Ultron and the Maximoffs attacked, at the same time Ulysses Klaue sent his mercenaries to attack the Avengers. Fury revealed his Helicarrier and used it to enact Captain America's plan and evacuate the civilians while War Machine joined the battle. Whilst in the Red Room Academy, she became an outstanding marksman, resulting in her being forced to execute an innocent man, which would later haunt her. Upon storming into the room, however, she instead found two guards dead and Vanko nowhere to be found in the facility. Trotz Bedenken schließt sich Natasha Tony Starks Team an, um Captain America und den Winter Soldier an der Flucht zu hindern. Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye left to evacuate civilians, and Black Widow asked Captain America what they were going to do.