The new engine was very powerful at around 900hp, but the power required to run the cooling system meant that when it was finally tested on the prototypes in 1955, it could only deliver 723hp with the rest being used up by the cooling system itself. With Vents and BiA: 2610 A user from Belgium says the name Emil is of Latin origin and means "Rival". Maximum possible: 0.317 m, With 50% Crew: 0.471 m It means that it is relatively short-length, compared to the other names in our database. Interpretation of the Centurion/Kranvagn hybrid, Kranvagn chassis during suspension testing for the S tank project, Last time the Krv chassis was seen by the public was its move to the new Arsenalen museeum storage, Historical armor statistics for the Emil II. Sources: Top List Ranking. Biographie Filiation. Using Shell Type 3 (460 Damage): 100% Crew: 25 s First was the E1, which was to correspond with the 1951 proposal, but with the new pike nose front and with an American tank engine instead of a Swedish one. A variant of the heavy tank developed under the project of 1949. With Vents: 3009.6 Die häufigsten Interpretationen von Emil sind daher „der Eifrige“, „der Fleißige“ und „der Nachahmende“. 50% Crew: 3402.6 Although all were based around the same principles, there were several different variants of the EMIL, specificially there were three main ones. With Vents: 3964.4 It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Emil is "eager". Emil as a boy's name is pronounced AY-mul. 100% Crew: 2858.4 Name Generator 2 Name Generator Word Generator. The second design was called E2 and was a sort of a middle range model, which would be heavier than the E1, but also would be able to carry a 15cm smoothbore instead of the 12cm rifled gun, planned for the earlier models. For German self-propelled gun of World War II, see Sturer Emil. The name Emil 1 was later used in 1952 for a completely redesigned version of the tank which was a scaled down version of the Emil 2 that you see in game. With Vents and BiA: 21.09 s, Magazine-fed Gun This page has been accessed 48,877 times. The name Emil is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "rival". Explore these related baby names and meanings. With BiA: 2.626 s We've found the following names that sound similar to Emil, sorted by popularity. The rear armor was 30mm for all the variants except for the one with 40mm side armor, where the rear was also 40mm thick. 16 names similar to Emil . POPULARITY RANKING. Also a. So to summarize, the Emil was to be a heavily armored but mobile tank with a weight of under 50 tons and a 10,5-15cm gun, capable of dealing with the IS-3 at long range. 50% Crew: 31.82 s Theoretical Damage Per Minute 50% Crew: 2415.6 100% Crew: 2992 In 1952, the project was reworked from a set of basic requirements and schematics into a functional design. offers small businesses professional, branded email options to suit every need. Fighting alone can lead to quick death as soon as enemies realize that you are reloading, so be cautious. Des nombres illimités de boites mails dans votre navigateur. Advantageous Damage Per Minute 50% Crew: 3086.6 ; Originally, his name was going to be "Snow" (as in Snow White).This was changed to be the official code name for the project that created No. These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Emil Fred Meyer 1890 Wisconsin Emil Fred Meyer in United States World War I Draft Registrations, 1917-1918 Emil Fred Meyer was born on month day 1890, at birth place , Wisconsin. Maximum possible: 2.238 s, With 50% Crew: 298.6 m With BiA and Vents: 2.752 s It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Emil is "eager". The name Emil has four characters. With 75% Crew: 339.3 m With Vents: 21.5 s The rest of the armor was common to all variants of the tank. Emil (tank) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maximum possible: 1223.1 m. The Emil II is a Swedish tier 9 heavy tank. However there were also plans to let a vehicle in this configuration serve as a prototype for future turreted tank concepts in Sweden, but nothing ever came of this. 75% Crew: 3513.9 Emil is also used as an Icelandic horse name; Emil was a heavy storm in Norway and Sweden in January 2012. Work on a new 15cm autoloading SPG had been in progress since before the EMIL project and a version based on the EMIL hull had been in the work since the start of the project. This would allow the shell to travel much faster than a normal HEAT shell. However, at the end of 1952, development of the E2 version was discontinued in favor of the E3 version, which had similar characteristics but improved armor. Initially, it was thought that the acquisition of the more powerful engines wouldn’t be possible and therefore initial projections favored a middle range tank model in both weight and armor, but as negotiations continued, an example of the 810hp was acquired and considered for licensed production at SFA (the Swedish aircraft engine company). As Emmett gets trendier in the US, parents in search of a more unusual Em name may look to Emil. Also be aware of artillery as they will punish you if you stay in focus for too long. The name Emil means To Strive Or Excel Or Rival and is of German origin. Creative spelling of Emil. With Vents and BiA: 3635.8 Emil lived in month 1918, at address , South Dakota. Miles; Related Baby Name Lists. Burst Length: 1 rounds Magazine-fed Gun Depending on the armor and mounted engine, the weight of the vehicle varied from 34 to 39 tons. With BiA and Vents: 0.33 m This article is about Swedish tank design of the 1950s. With Coated Optics: 418 m Even before 1951, studies had been made regarding the armament of what would become the EMIL project. The side hull armor is increased from the historical 30mm to 60mm in game. No matter if you need email for the whole company or just a custom email address for yourself, we offer dependable email for your business. Historical documents have the tank with a 665hp engine giving a power to weight of 17.97hp/t. Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. Adresse mail internet, gratuite qui ne nécessite pas d'inscription et affiche les mails instantanément. Biographie. This category has the following 200 subcategories, out of 639 total. Emil is rather disconcerting and could appear to be an "eccentric", or "different", precisely because he chooses not to follow the crowd, and this could occasionally result in his becoming an "outsider". Get full address, contact info, background report and more! Cycle Time: 3 s Using Shell Type 1 (360 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute Emil von Řezníček, ... né à Vienne le 4 mai 1860 et mort à Berlin le 2 août 1945. One of the most important variables was the engine output. ; His original power to petrify people on sight into stone is in many ways similar to the powers of the mythical Greek monster Medusa. With BiA: 0.356 m I should state however that some changes were made to the EMIL project after the completion of the prototypes in 1955. One thing of note is that the 150mm gun is not viable for World of Tanks, as it is a smoothbore. Your Friends Will Digg These 10 Cool Names. It can be difficult to think of a good name for your email accounts and could send anyone mad just trying, so I have created this tool which can help you come up with cool usernames. With Vents: 24.43 s Emil Nolde, a German Expressionist painter and printmaker. With BiA and Vents: 2.569 s Advantageous Damage Per Minute Details. 11 Strange Celebrity Baby Names. With Vents and BiA: 3975, With 50% Crew: 0.446 m These included the AOS-195 (500hp), AV-1195 (540hp), AVS-1195 (665-668hp) and AV-1790 (810hp) models. 100% Crew: 3298.2 Emil is a 4 letter name with 2 syllables. The most notable difference is massively improved gun and even better turret armor, while it still maintains the 12 degrees of gun depression. Below you will find the popularity of the baby name Emil displayed annually, from 1880 to the present day in our name popularity chart. The name Emil Simodejka has over 2 birth records, 1 death records, 0 criminal/court records, 5 address records, 1 phone records and more. The influence of these tanks can be seen in the addition of a French style oscillating turret with an autoloader and the well-sloped frontal glacis. With Vents and BiA: 2880. In the case of frontal armor, there was a choice of either having a 120mm hull and 140mm turret armor or 145mm hull and 170mm turret armor, these thicknesses were specifically chosen to be able to withstand a frontal hit from the IS-3 heavy tank with either (in the first case) regular AP ammo or (in the latter) subcaliber ammo. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Emil families in 1880. Nominal: 25 s PER MILLION BIRTHS. Commonness. We've found the following names that sound similar to Emil, sorted by popularity. The main change was to the turret armor which was changed from the planned 170/80/40 to 170/70/30 in order to stabilize the gun better, elevation also changed from +8/-12 to +10/-12. At the modest height of its usage in 1901, 0.105% of baby boys were given the name Emil. Find out more about the name Emil at Popularity in the United States. Last was the E3, which was the top range model with a weight of over 40 tons and an American 810hp engine, this was at the time seen as a bit too heavy and unrealistic, but as the engine became available, this design was chosen and two hulls were built in 1955. Emil II is very similar to its predecessor in terms of play style. In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Emil is: Excellent. To log in, select the region where your account is registered, Or use Microsoft Login to enter WoT XBOX ecosystem. Grammar - Danish ; Nominative: Emiel Genitive: Emiels - Finnish ; Nominative: Emiel Genitive: Emielin Partitive: Emieliä - Norwegian ; Nominative: Emiel Genitive: Emiels - Swedish ; Nominative: Emiel Genitive: Emiels Statistics Name Count per Country (What's this?) From the Roman family name Aemilius, which was derived from Latin aemulus meaning "rival". Emil Tischbein, title character of the children's books Emil and the Detectives and its sequel, Emil und die Drei Zwillinge (Emil and the Three Twins), by Erich Kästner; Emile-A239, a Spartan in Halo: Reach; Emil Narud, a scientist in Starcraft II; Emil Sinclair, the main character in Demian by Hermann Hesse As mentioned before, the engines considered were American tank engines, mainly from Continental. Main article: Emil (Unit) Emil is a boss unit in NieR:Automata. Theoretical Damage Per Minute Search and select your last name. With 75% Crew: 3.245 s Magazine Size: 3 rounds Give Your Baby A True Superhero Name. a Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life! According to a user from Norway, the name Emil is of Roman origin and means "Rival". In 1952, the development of the next Swedish tank was well underway – despite the fact the work started as early as in 1951, it was only now when it really picked up the pace. Given name: Emil Surname: Fischer Saturday, October 9, 1852. With Vents and BiA: 3300. Magazine Reload Times Le signe astrologique qui lui est associé est Gémeaux. With 100% Signal Boost: 1020 m Emil is uncommon as a baby name for boys. Find Emil Simodejka in the United States. Řezníček est le fils du lieutenant-maréchal Josef von Řezníček et de la fille d'un prince roumain Clarissa Ghika. See Aemilius. Magazine Reload Times 100% Crew: 2581.2 Discover the most famous people named Emil including Emil Conrad, Emil Beer, Emil Larsen, Emil Rengle, Emil Graae and many more. 100% Crew: 3604 With 75% Crew: 0.411 m In 1880 there were 42 Emil families living in Pennsylvania. 1 Emil 2 Boss 3 Clones 4 Shop Main article: Emil (Character) Emil is a companion and major character in NieR. Check your email from anywhere in the world. U.S. 100% Crew: 22 s 75% Crew: 2808 You Have To See This. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction. Nominal: 2992 With BiA and Vents: 0.349 m Other than that, there were plans to potentially mount a British or French gun on the vehicle in 1958 after the development of a suitable Swedish one had failed. With BiA: 0.338 m With 100% Crew: 2.877 s When affected by 100% Relaying: 781 m Many people believes that speaking negative creates negative energy and speaking positive creates a positive energy around them. 50% Crew: 3821.3 Nominal: 3298.2 Le poste consiste à visiter l'école plusieurs fois par an pour donner un concert et vérifier les progrès des élèves. Emily has been a hugely popular name in the English-speaking world, ranking among the most popular names in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. So you might be thinking, why was it that this tank never entered production? The EMIL 1952 E2 was the second variant. In the US, the preferred boys' spin on the mega-popular Emily and Emma is Emmett, but in much of Europe it's Emil. Emil II should be played as a support or on ridges, preferably with other tanks nearby. Maximum possible: 544 m, With 50% Crew: 557.8 m This was about 33% of all the recorded Emil's in the USA. This category has the following 200 subcategories, out of 639 total. Some of the other variables that separated the designs included front and side armor for the hull and turret, engine output, main armament and suspension. Emile, or On Education (French: Émile, ou De l’éducation) is a treatise on the nature of education and on the nature of man written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who considered it to be the "best and most important" of all his writings. With Vents and BiA: 3335 #5 Is Really Cute. Nominal: 2581.2 75% Crew: 3201.6 With Vents: 2869.2 Burst Length: 1 rounds The name Emil is ranked on the 1,042nd position of the most used names. With GLD: 2.441 s There were also plans for a 10,5cm gun in case the development of the previously mentioned guns would prove too complicated. With Vents and BiA: 3018.4 But these were no regular HEAT shells – in fact the Swedish idea was to mix the properties of APDS and HEAT to create a heat shell with a discarding sabot. The turret frontal armor is increased from the historical proposal from 170 mm to the in game 215 mm. The actual gun considered to use this kind of shell was at first a 12cm L/40 rifled gun and later a 15cm L/40 smoothbore gun. Name Generator. 50% Crew: 3172.4 More outlandish ideas were scrapped in favor of technologies, that had already been prototyped or tested and several new ideas were being tested as well. Besides the HEAT shells, these guns were to fire mainly HE, although there were plans for APDS ammunition as well. Magazine-fed Gun Loaded-mag DPM: 2858.4 Their Zodiac sign is ♎Libra. Advantageous Damage Per Minute 75% Crew: 3588 However, at the end of 1952, development of the E2 version was discontinued in favor of the E3 … Some people say that Names have a significant effect on the babies development and personality. With 75% Crew: 634 m In the US, the preferred boys' spin on the mega-popular Emily and Emma is Emmett, but in much of Europe it's Emil. Sources: Norwegian Historic Statistics Trend. Jump to navigation Jump to search. D'après ses biographes, Jules Lermina ou Angelo De Gubernatis, Émile Ferdinand Mugnot de Lyden est né à Paris en 1815 et il est le dernier survivant de la famille des vicomtes de Lyden originaire de Hollande [1], [2]. It means that this name is very frequently used. Commonness. Vous pouvez ajouter des nouveaux noms de domaines. Instead, the remaining prototype had 4 of its roadwheels removed and was fitted with equipment for testing of the hydraulic suspension as well as a fixed 20pdr gun and was used as a test rig for the S-tank. These are some of the common questions you may want to have answered to know if this is the perfect name for your baby. They are considered the most important person in history born with the first name of Emil. Il occupe également un poste similaire au Milwaukee-Downer College dans le Wisconsin [3]. With Vents: 3291.2 Using Shell Type 3 (530 Damage): Trivia. It held the position for over a decade as the most common name given to girls in the United States but fell to sixth place in 2009. Next most famous people named Emil #2 Emil Cioran Surname: Cioran. See the popularity of the boy's name Emil over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. There are some standards for email display names. With 100% Signal Boost: 852 m Emil tank model. After the initial testing in 1955-1956, it was decided that one of the prototype hulls would be converted to this SPG configuration. As Emmett gets trendier in the US, parents in search of a more unusual Em name may look to Emil. Maximum possible: 2.398 s, With 50% Crew: 3.469 s Loaded-mag DPM: 3282.4 Subcategories. All rights reserved. Relations Fréquence No frequency information is known for this name yet. The client values, given for 100% crew, will normally be taken into battle with 110% crew skill members aside from specific functions, causing their actual performance to deviate from the expected client value. 75% Crew: 28 s 75% Crew: 2505.6 Within the group of boy names directly linked to Emil, Milo was the most widely used in 2018. 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 0.200% 0.160% 0.120% 0.080% 0.040% 1880 2019 However, as the development of the tank continued, it was decided to use a Swedish engine instead, as one of sufficient power had been developed at SFA. Using Shell Type 2 (440 Damage): Magazine-fed Gun Related Names. Engine power and subsequent power to weight are lower then documented. With both and GLD: 2.335 s This included the hull roof, driver’s port (middle front glacis) and floor. find the perfect name for your baby. The EMIL project started out in 1951 as more of a medium tank, but in 1952, the army, like other western nations, decided that they needed something to counter the Soviet IS-3 heavy tank and it was this line of thought, that would above all else shape the EMIL project after 1951. The EMIL 1952 E2 was the second variant. The baby name has since markedly fallen in popularity, and is currently of irregular use. 50% Crew: 2743.2 You have to include your full name, first or last name only, or a combination of name and initials. Swedish Regional Distribution. According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Emil is of Arabic origin and means "Means Excellence". It ranked at #136 then. With Vents and BiA: 23.97 s. Magazine-fed Gun This vehicle prototype was built in 1960 and would eventually become the Bkan 1, but that is a story for another time. The player must be aware of the hull exposure while being focused at anytime to maximize survival. This name means rival. The most Emil families were found in the USA in 1920. Jours de nom Date: 28. mai - Prénom: Emil - Pays: Hungary Date: 22. mai - Prénom: Emil - Pays: Czech Republic Personnes célèbres He certainly went to school at Lidcombe and was only 8 years old when he won the part in a 1981 movie … With 100% Crew: 850 m These studies had concluded that the best armament for a future tank project would be a high caliber gun (12cm or higher) in order to effectively use HEAT shells. In 1952, three heavy tank projects were proposed. Loaded-mag DPM: 3652.4 With 75% Crew: 759 m This Emil 1 had several different armour proposals, none of which are as thick as the in-game Emil 1. (previous page) () Emil August (given name)‎ (2 C) With BiA: 2.813 s This page was last modified on 9 June 2020, at 07:46. Cycle Time: 3 s Maximum possible: 1021.6 m, With 50% Crew: 667.8 m on your input and preferences. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Emil. With 100% Crew: 0.345 m Send us an email if you have any questions or feedback. If you want your business to look professional and trustworthy, use the website name to create an easily identifiable email. Using Shell Type 1 (440 Damage): Theoretical Damage Per Minute Emil Girl Name Popularity Chart. In 1952, three heavy tank projects were proposed. A blogger can always a get a professional email address with something like [email protected], but for a normal user who is using a service like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo mail, selecting a decent email name is crucial.. Use your own domain name. Emil: Baby Name Popularity. As an example, the suspension was changed to a hydraulic one, based on the Lvkv 42 prototype self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and work started on a prototype gun on the basis of the old 15cm Haub m/39 howitzer.