The official website for Disney’s FROZEN, the new West End musical, coming to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane from April 2021. And rather than actually discuss this theft of resources, it was Arendelle’s king who broke the peace by murdering the Northuldra leader while his back was turned, starting a blood feud that enraged the spirits of the forest. Unfortunately, Frozen IIabsolutely bails at the last moment when Elsa uses her magic powers to save Arendelle from being flooded. As Elsa and Anna’s mother hints in a half-remembered lullaby, “Can you face what the river knows? If you stick around through the credits of Frozen 2, you’ll be rewarded with an end credits scene featuring everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. The Disney sequel 'Frozen 2' offers plenty for those willing to chill out to enjoy, while delving into Elsa and Anna's family history In any event, Elsa takes on an even greater mythic quality. 350 notes. Thematically, Frozen II has a really interesting subtext about what we owe to other people based on the sins of past generations. However, this is not the direct result of getting stabbed with ice magic nor is it the machinations of a villain like Prince Hans. Beyond the northernmost sea, and only reachable because Elsa conquered the spiritual element of wind, this frozen “river of memory” is where Elsa belts “Show Yourself” in what looks like a vast animated version of Superman: The Movie’s Krypton. Given the fictitious tribe’s faint resemblance to Native Americans and the Inuit people, one might draw a parallel between Arendelle consuming the resources they share with the Northuldra with the American government’s nigh total consumption of North American lands from its native inhabitants. The magic begins 2 April 2021. How Did ‘Frozen’ Originally End? Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Anna did not deny the past or pretend Arendelle just needed to be “great again” by acting above mistakes or criticism. It is the sins of her family, the sins of her nation, and the sinful lies on which Arendelle are built. F.R.I.D.A.Y. The ending is thus characteristically happy, with the Northuldra people finally free from the enchanted fog around their forest and Arendelle standing tall… Anna even gets to become queen herself while Elsa decides to live with the Northuldra. Unfortunately, Frozen II absolutely bails at the last moment when Elsa uses her magic powers to save Arendelle from being flooded. jen lee: wow, after six years frozen 2 is finally done! In fact, it is revealed that Elsa is the bridge between the mystical and the human, the past and the present. Frozen 2: Is there an end credits scene? Frozen 2 Ending Explained. Frozen 2 DOES have an end-credits scene at the very end of the movie. Frozen 2 is back with a post-credits sequence for viewers that choose to stick around after watching the magical, musical adventure. As the site's Chief Film Critic, he has authored hundreds of reviews and covered major film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. Olaf, Kristoff and Sven were shown bringing the many mischievous mini-snowmen to Elsa’s former palace to live with Marshmallow at the end of that short. It became a piece of forgotten history until Elsa works to uncover what really happened. Where all is lost and all is found.” The unhappiness of facing hard truths is crystallized when Elsa, finally accepting the past, appears to die. For what else can be said about the revelation that Elsa and Anna’s grandfather, in essence, committed a war crime? This article contains major Frozen II spoilers. But loving your community, or your country, also means accepting the darkest chapters of its history and even, if possible, reaching for some type of atonement in the future. In the movie, we learn that an alliance between Arendelle and the Northuldra was violated when Elsa and Anna’s grandfather, the former king, tricked the Northuldra into using a dam and then killed their leader without provocation. Now here we are going to talk about the new movie and its ending, so for those who haven’t seen it … Frozen II is the soundtrack album to the Disney animated film of the same name.The soundtrack was released on November 15, 2019, while the film was released on November 22. That refusal to let it go when it comes to our shared history is the true power driving Frozen II through every one of its high notes. Admittedly though, I am unsure if this was predestined because her mother was also half-spirit (she certainly knew magic) or if it was a byproduct of Anna making the right choice. It’s explicit in her two big power ballads of the film. Many are raised with a sense of patriotism and a love of their communal history, which can be a great thing. Sometimes the only way to live with the past is to attempt to amend it. After an internal struggle, I stuck with the first 10 that popped in to my head after watching the movie. The movie is not satirical. Disney's 'Frozen 2' features a happy ending (naturally), but it's one that finds Anna and Elsa in a different place than where they started. It finally got to her. However, the presentation is broad (and vague) enough to apply to countless real world examples, from most of the Western world’s vile history with slavery to many a European nation’s bloody past of colonialism or anti-Semitism. Get ready to experience the wonder of FROZEN as it comes alive For the First Time in Forever, at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Frozen 2 returns with the end-credits sequence. Big Hero 6 is about how easily grief can turn into rage and violence. Celebrating its central characters’ femininity, and making neither dependent on a male prince coming to their rescue, that first film featured an emotional sophistication unusual in a Disney movie and helped power that film, along with its songbook, to box office-smashing records. Instead she learned from the ugly truth of her forefathers, and in doing so saved Elsa from death. You can check out the Frozen 2 featurette and extended clip below, and check out the banners in our gallery. So she attempts to do “The Next Right Thing,” which is the final song of the movie. Hi Leude! It’s a “happy” ending. While I highly doubt a Disney movie is actually suggesting something as radical as some sort of major reparations project for any specific community wronged by a government (or corporation), there is still something transgressive about this finale, even with its Disneyfied resolution: Anna does the next right thing, so the spirits of the forest restore Elsa to life, and she can in turn use her ice powers to save Arendelle’s capital from being flooded into oblivion. Zootopia is about racial conflict and stereotyping. This is the shocking revelation, that according to Frozen II, Elsa has been on the path to discovering her whole life. Yet if Frozen is about the power in the ties that bind, Frozen II suggests those ties can also constrict and even destroy. Elsa gets to rule Northuldra and Anna now rules Arendelle. Hey, Remember When David Fincher Literally Changed TV Forever With 'House of Cards'? But when the kingdom is threatened in the process, a group heads into the unknown to try learn more about what they can do to save their home. When Anna and Elsa hear the story of the enchanted forest for the first time, there's a small horse … The filmmakers are not coy about this fact, as Kristen Bell recently told Jimmy Kimmel that Frozen “has matured with its audience.” And nowhere is that more apparent than the lessons of family imparted in the sequel. Frozen (first movie) released in 2013 and "Frozen 2" premiered in 2019. Singing “when it’s clear everything will never be the same again, then I’ll make the choice to hear that voice and do the next right thing,” Anna accepts Elsa’s death and carries on by doing the only thing she can think of to atone for their family and their kingdom’s mistakes: She destroys the dam which her grandfather committed murder for. It was the sins of Elsa’s own ancestors that provoked a series of enchantments, from the mystical shroud around the forest that protected the Northuldra (yet isolated them from the outside world) to the curse that isolated Elsa with the touch of ice. Spoilers! Disney's Frozen 2 opens up Arendelle to more magic than it was ever prepared for. Believing her sister is dead, and seeing Olaf melt before her very eyes, she accepts her grandfather was not a good person, and that the dam on which Arendelle’s economy is built had an adverse effect on the world. The weight of this knowledge can itself be a punishment, a gnawing reality about confronting one’s history that is teased throughout movie. But because it might bum the audience out if the people of Arendelle lost their homes and had to rebuild, you have Elsa’s magic saving the day, which is just a massive cop-out to the hard conversation the movie sets up. Disney’s Frozen is set to transfer to the West End, running at the newly-renovated Theatre Royal Drury Lane in spring 2021, with tickets available from the box office.. The highly anticipated Disney movie Frozen 2 is now in theaters and you might be wondering if you should stick around for an end credits scene.. … Marvel movies have changed the way we watch films. Read more of his work here. It is an animated musical fantasy film that is loved by people. We take a deep dive into the themes of Frozen 2 and how the true antagonist of the film lies in the sins of the past. Should the people of Arendelle, who are not directly responsible for the actions of their ancestors, suffer the consequences? However, the larger point remains when Elsa tells Anna that she was only freed by the spirits—and thereby Arendelle was spared from drowning in its legacy—because a greater power saw in Anna’s actions an attempt at reclamation. frozen 2 spoilers like HUGE SPOILERS frozen 2 end frozen 2 ending frozen 2 epilogue frozen 2 frozen. Frozen The Musical Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London. 22 minutes. He has long been proud of his geek credentials. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. When the first Frozen came out, its emphasis on familial love and a sisterly bond transcending Disney formulae or romance was a breath of fresh air. Disney's Frozen 2 ends on a sweet note that also changes the future of the kingdom of Arendelle. This piece includes minor spoilers for Frozen 2! At the very end of the movie, after all the credits roll and all the fun pop covers of the movie's songs have played, we see Olaf sitting in … It would be easy to correlate Arendelle’s abuse of the Northuldra people to any number of historic avatars. Condon also details exactly how she scored the voice role. I get that Frozen II is a family film, but would people really be devastated if Arendelle had to be rebuilt? The sequel comes up to the line of doing something really interesting, and then backs away at the last moment. Frozen 2 showcases that the world of the Northuldra has always been connected to nature and the four elements and that in the time before the battle the Northuldra were able to control and utilize the elements just like Elsa and her magical icy powerset. Three decades ago, before a bloody battle between Arendelle’s army and the indigenous Northuldra tribe of the forest, there had been a diplomatic negotiation between Elsa and Anna’s kingly grandfather and the leader of the Northuldra. While the credits are always worth watching to get an idea of who helped make a movie, Disney fans should expect one post-credits scene, located at the very end of the film. She says she is now the â€œFifth Spirit,” hence her place belonging in the forest. Nothing is really solved, but catastrophe is avoided in a way that feels unearned. After hitting cinemas in November 2019, Frozen 2 finally made its way onto Disney+ on July 3rd, 2020 and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The dam breaks, the spell is … Matt Goldberg has been an editor with Collider since 2007. Elsa and Anna are changed in profound ways. The bonus “Frozen 2… 12 seconds. Elsa and Anna return in Frozen 2, embarking on a journey to find out exactly where Elsa's powers came from - but the movie's ending may leave some confused about the answer to that question. The creators of Frozen II are not drawing a parallel to one specific event, but a catch-all that can be applied to any situation in which a person comes of age by accepting the complicated legacy of their family tree, such as perhaps discovering a slaveholder on, and the even more tortured knowledge of national shortcomings. At the very end of the movie, after all the credits roll and all the fun pop covers of the movie's songshave … With her hair now fully down to her shoulders, Queen Elsa struts onto the mysterious island of ice from which The Voice has beckoned her. He resides in Atlanta with his wife and their dog Jack. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. 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Frozen II is a movie determined to grow alongside its target demographic. But Frozen II raises a question it has no interest in answering. They’re both wiser than they ever were before, and they’re both empowered by the hard-earned lessons from accepting the past, warts and all. David Crow is the Film Section Editor at Den of Geek. Disney has shown a willingness to dive into some tough subject matter recently that has no easy answers. If the conflict is about wrestling with the sins of the past, then to have the solution literally be magic is anticlimactic and would really only work if Frozen II were satirical. In Frozen II, Elsa starts out as Queen of Arendelle, but then a journey into the nearby enchanted forest inspires her to find her true path as a fifth … You can follow him on Twitter @DCrowsNest. Frozen 2 showcases that the world of the Northuldra has always been connected to nature and the four elements and that in the time before the battle the Northuldra were able to control and utilize the elements just like Elsa and her magical icy powerset. Except not really. During “Into the Unknown,” the Queen of Arendelle says The Voice in her head has grown louder every day in correspondence with her powers, and in her biggest and most elegantly written solo, “Show Yourself,” the Snow Queen harmonizes to the magical location from which it originated, “I’m here for a reason/Give me the reason I was born… You’re the answer I’ve waited for all my life!” But that answer is not one of empowerment, at least not in the simpler sense of self-identity that buttresses “Let It Go.” Rather this is a power borne from knowledge and from sin. If you have other Frozen 2 emotional moments, let me know! At moments near the end of Frozen 2, as it becomes clear that Olaf’s warnings about change actually carry some weight, and Anna and Elsa might have different destinies, the … David Crow is the movies editor at Den of Geek. But before her seeming death, Elsa shares that hidden memory in the ice of her grandfather’s crime with Anna half a world away. That is Anna’s role in Frozen II’s climax. This attempt at conquest was thwarted when the spirits of the forest trapped everyone inside with a magical mist. 04 hours. Frozen 2 made me all kinds of emotional. It features seven new songs again composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez along with the return of "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People" from the original film, in addition to end credits covers of three … The Disney film hits theaters on November 22. By David Crow | December 1, 2019 | That’s a good question and one that goes to the heart of reparations and atoning for the past. Raised on cinema classics that ranged from…, Disney Sequels: How We Went from Direct-to-Video to Frozen II, Frozen 2: Trailers, Release Date, Cast, Poster, and News, Frozen II: 8 Things We Learned at Disney Animation Studios, Best Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Gifts: A Star Wars Holiday Buying Guide, Funko Gift Guide: Best Funko Pop Figures and Toys for the Holidays, LEGO Gift Guide: Best LEGO Sets for the Holidays, Hasbro Gift Guide: Best Hasbro Toys, Action Figures, and Games for the Holidays. Yes, there is indeed an end credits scene to Frozen 2 and while it may not dramatically further the plot, it is a … That is the shocking third act twist of the film where Elsa’s ice powers are revealed not only to be derived from magic but also from a sin so great that it sent her family down a road that ended with her parents’ deaths and many of her and Anna’s sorrows. This new West End musical celebrates the extraordinary story that melted hearts across the world. Reblog. It doesn’t want to follow the subtext to its natural conclusion, and it’s a conclusion that’s incredibly important in today’s world. Apparently the enormous dam Arendelle built to irrigate the fjord on which its palace rests had inadvertently begun drying out the Northuldra people’s lands around their forest. Thus things are never the same again, nor as happily ever after as the ending of the first Frozen. What writers-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, as well as songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (who share a story credit), are attempting here is incredibly ambitious. The only work that had to be done was exposing the truth and destroying a dam, not dealing with the fallout. In this space, her ability to see into “ice’s memory” connects the dots around why the enchanted forest north of Arendelle was impenetrable for 30 years… and why Elsa was given the double-edged power of ice. Watch our complete overview of Frozen 2 beneath:As soon as Elsa reaches the legendary landmark she uncovers the reality: it used to be her grandfather who attacked the Northuldra after development the dam to weaken their land and lead them to susceptible to his advances. Ralph Breaks the Internet is about toxic masculinity and creating co-dependent relationship regardless of another person’s wishes. What Is Frozen 2's End Credits Scene? Enjoy a FREE TRIAL of Disney+, courtesy of Den of Geek! We take a deep dive into the themes of Frozen 2 and how the true antagonist of the film lies in the sins of the past. He’s also a member of the Online Film Critics Society. It is not the most outlandish thing to say, “We were not personally responsible for these problems, but we must deal with their fallout all the same.” Rebuilding and reckoning with the past are tough, and Frozen II doesn’t really know how to follow through on that so Elsa rides a magic water horse and uses her ice magic to save the day. Ich bin's Rebekah Wing, 'n kleines Mädchen aus Hamburg, das verrückte und lustige Videos zur Unterhaltung auf Youtube hochlädt. Frozen 2 on Disney+. The only villain in this story is Elsa and Anna’s family history and the kingdom’s own hidden failings. Today we have new Frozen 2 featurette, an extended version of the clip we previously posted, two new banners for the film, and some info on a surprise after the credits. It then turns into a massive Disney animated climax when rock giants out of Lord of the Rings chase Anna to the dam and shatter her family’s legacy. Posted on Thursday, March 30th, 2017 by Hoai-Tran Bui. The revelation is couched in a transcendent moment for Elsa, likely intended to lessen the knotty implications, but it is there right after her final empowerment song. Through the magic of Disney animation and Broadway melody, not to mention a multi-billion-dollar franchise, they are crafting a parable about generational responsibility for imperfect, and even horrifying pasts. What Is Frozen 2's End Credits Scene? Frozen II, also known as Frozen 2, is a 2019 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.The 58th animated film produced by the studio, and the sequel to the 2013 film Frozen, it features the return of directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, producer Peter Del Vecho, songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and composer Christophe … Actor Kerry Condon on the Heartbreaking Note She Received for Tony's Final MCU Moment, The Ending of ‘Frozen II’ Whiffs on What Would Have Been a Powerful Conclusion. The dam breaks, the spell is broken, and everyone is saved and happy. The official website for Disney’s FROZEN, the new West End musical, coming to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane from April 2021. In order to restore peace and break the spell, the dam must be destroyed, but destroying the dam will also flood Arendelle. To accept that can be chilling. So much so that it was hard to narrow down my top 10 moments, which if you follow me you know I like to do for you. Like Anna in the first movie, the queen who once said the cold never bothered her anyway is frozen into a block of ice. In the new sequel, directed once again by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the kingdom of Arendelle is attacked by mysterious spirits from a nearby enchanted forest, which has been locked … 147 days. "Frozen" franchise has millions of fans worldwide. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Frozen 2, in theaters now.