If Arcade approves of the player character (at least two "trust" points gained via the methods below), he will offer the For Auld Lang Syne quest if one or more of the following conditions are met (regardless of having Arcade recruited at the time they happened): Note: Arcade will not offer this quest in response to any Caesar's Legion quest, though as it is possible to work on multiple main quests simultaneously, it is possible to trigger the quest while still doing work for Caesar. when Arcade mentions that he's heard about, 2 points for completing The White Wash by blaming the problem on the, 1 point for completing The White Wash by getting Tom Anderson to turn himself in with a fake story about fighting over. for two points, according to the wiki. Is it possible to escape from a Wall of Stone spell on the turn it is cast by flying? ... New Vegas » Arcade ganon quest. Why do some Indo-European languages have genders and some don't? If any of the five is already dead, the quest cannot be completed and will be failed. Note that if you travel far enough along the main quest lines to offer the Boomers' help to either side, the two respective warning quests will activate, and installing Yes Man will cause you to become vilified. Where can I find information of previous Fallout games in Fallout New Vegas? Not every place or event that Arcade comments on represents an improvement of his approval rating of the player character. Trigger: As with Boone and Veronica, Arcades quest can be triggered through a point system - however, you can completely skip this process if you are idolized with the Followers of the Apocalypse. In order to trigger Arcade Gannon's quest (For Auld Lang Syne), there's a coupld of ways to go about thins. If the player character agrees, the quest begins. His dialogue suggests that this quest will only trigger once you kill or disable Mr. House. Either way, he will then go away and will be non-recruitable for the rest of the game. If he plans to fight at Hoover Dam he will be wearing it and tell the player character that he can't turn his back on his family and his past. Reward: If you turn McLafferty and the Van Graffs in to the authorities with evidence, Cass will gain the Calm Heart perk (+50 HP). It didn't trigger before this, even after I did basically everything to gain Arcade's trust (went to the downed vertibird, went to The Fort just to "check it out", went to Van Graff's etc.). Notes: Calm Heart appears to have the same bug as Lupas brain does for Rex - it increases current, rather than maximum health. Fallout: New Vegas side quest Visited the crashed Vertibird, for one point. Rex is now recruited as a companion, and you'll have this quest, to take him to Jacobstown, in your log. The quest "For Auld Lang Syne" is a quest you can unlock if you have Arcade Gannon, a Follower of the Apocalypse, as a companion. If the player character informs Judah Kreger to assist the Legion, does not interact with Orion Moreno to receive the Enclave Power Armor, and kills Arcade Gannon (after permanently leaving the Courier), the quest will fail. There are certain tasks you have to complete and certain places you have to visit inorder to trigger the quest. I'd look myself and post the answers here - but well, I don't really want to spoil those paths for myself just yet. Then you need to reach a certain.. Begleiterquest: Arcade Gannon: Fallout - New Vegas If most of the responses suggest that people should let go of the past and forge a new future, he will be inclined to stay with the Followers of the Apocalypse and not fight at Hoover Dam, and if most of the responses suggest that people can't or won't change who they are, he will be inclined to join the fight. Solution: On PC, this can be fixed using console command. Trigger: Boone probably has the toughest Companion Quest to trigger. Once you've listened to the whole recording, you can discuss it with Lily. So i got arcade as my companion, had good rep with NCR and FoLA and i'm hated by the legion. If you have not yet locked yourself in, the dialog necessary to trigger this quest will not appear. I can't take him to Helios as I triggered that quest early. He may return while you are still inside the bunker, or when you first exit; either way, it is not a long wait. Rey's Brain increases his attack. Ask Doctor Henry to come to the Remnants reunion. How (and when) do I run Fallout: New Vegas' DLC? will activate, but neither will shun you. They are only used to trigger a warning about the player character's behavior, and eventually cause Arcade to leave the player character permanently. As of now, the only way known to get around this is to use the console on the PC. Trigger: This quest is acquired as you recruit Rex. What happens if my Zurich public transportation ticket expires while I am traveling? The player character can suggest a path, but if that path contradicts the implications given earlier during the conversations, the player character must pass a Speech check of 80 to convince Arcade to choose a different path. Notes: The triggers for Old School Ghoul can be inconsistent - particularly, if you've ever spoken to Ranger Andy before meeting Raul, the dialog will sometimes not trigger. Acquire Power Armor Training from Orion Moreno. Ask Daisy Whitman to come to the Remnants reunion. when Arcade asks why. Where do companions go when dismissed in Fallout: New Vegas? I'm not arguing." The specific point in the story that will trigger the quest varies based on whether the player character has gained Arcade's approval (see the section below) and which main quest line the player character has moved forward with. He'll also incorporate some armored padding into his Petro-Chico jumpsuit. Even if the player character had chosen to kill all of the Van Graffs and steal all the energy weapons in the Silver Rush, Arcade will still comment on the large amount of energy weapons. Which quests should I take to get an independent New Vegas and happy endings? Although she's not even your companion at this stage, this is the start of her companion quest - "Heartache by the Number" - the first steps of which you have to complete before you unlock Cass as a companion. I've also got good karma with Freeside and helped deal with the drunk and the druggy but does anyone know what else I can do to help trigger his quest? VMS54 Notes: After completing this quest, you will permanently lose Arcade as a companion. More than anything in the world, she just wants a really pretty dress. Raul Tejada, the ghoul handyman found captive at Black Mountain, must be the Courier's active companion when the player character initiates dialogue with Ranger Andy in Novac, Corporal Sterling in Camp McCarran (or Camp Forlorn Hope) and Loyal at Nellis Air Force Base. Moreno will give the player character Johnson's suit since he won't be using it. This conversation also won't trigger if the player character has already entered the terminal room and chooses to recruit him afterwards right before they makes their decision. Specifically, you can gain: Reward: Boones default armor upgrades to 1st Recon Survival or 1st Recon Assault Armor (depending on conversation choices). Give her some Formal Wear (easiest to find at the Ultra-Luxe), and she will be overwhelmed with gratitude - she'll teach you the Scribe Counter, a special attack usable with Unarmed weapons. Simply tell Arcade to wait at the Lucky 38 after recruiting the Remnants but before you enter the bunker. I am trying to build up Arcade's "Trust" system and took him to: Repconn Headquarters Crashed Vertibird Site. To complete it, you simply need to introduce Raul to Ranger Andy, Corporal Sterling, and Loyal, and talk to Raul about each. Trigger: As with Boone, Veronicas quest is triggered by the accumulation of 'trust points'. First of all, you need to recruit him as a companion. » Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:28 am . Notes: There is also an unmarked 'side quest' for Veronica. form id Lupa's brain increases his max health. I beleive at 10 the quest is silently running in the background waiting for you to get history points with arcade. Arcade Gannon Going to the Fort is also a trigger for a conversation with him. I've already got all five "Trust" points that I need. Sorry if I was unclear, I have indeed been to EVERY location on the map besides the long 15 which im pretty sure isn't accessable anyway #10. Talk to Trent Bascom and Lieutenant Romanowski at the NCR sharecropper farms about White's disappearance. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Veronica's quest not triggering...so frustrated, want companion glitch". It is also possible to complete For Auld Lang Syne, even in the Legion's favor, without losing Arcade as a permanent companion. The five words given to the player character make the phrase "Dear old friends, remember Navarro," which will open the main door. What are the exact triggers for initiating companion quests in Fallout: New Vegas? Solution: If the player character is doing the mission for the armor they can just use the override key to just go out the hanger door instead of going into the control room of no return. He'll also put on his old Cowboy outfit. I did all the following: Spoke with Thomas Hildern and in the following conversation with Arcade Gannon, chose the dialogue option "Good thing there are still people like you around." If you instead convince her that she's better off leaving to join the Followers, she'll gain the Causeless Rebel perk, which increases her unarmed attack speed by 30%. Arcade Gannon’s quest won’t ... You need to trigger special dialogue in some locations first off look for the repconn HQ go there and go inside then go to the downed vertibaird at the very bottom of the map near cottonwood cove these should make him “slip up” and mention his knowledge ... She also voiced Gloria Van Graff from New Vegas. ". Why are most helipads in São Paulo blue coated and identified by a "P"? 2 points for passing an Intelligence check of 8 saying, "I don't think either of us can fully understand what he and the tribes have gone through. ", followed by, "I'm just trying to be open-minded.". ", 1 point for saying, "I just want to hear Caesar out. 500 XPRemnants power armorPower Armor TrainingGannon family Tesla armor (optional) The Enclave Remnants' help during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. If he chooses to fight, he will be in the visitors center at the dam assisting the heavy troopers against the Legion. If you recommend she stop taking it, she will gain some permanent stat increases, but she will continue to frenzy and become uncontrollable at half health. A short time later, he will come back with the Gannon family Tesla armor. Lots and lots of Legion. Fallout: New Vegas. Judah will ask the Courier to leave while they plan their attack. What would an agrarian society need with bio-circuitry? Ask Judah Kreger to come to the Remnants reunion. Lupas brain is currently bugged - it increases Rexes current health by 100, but not his maximum - once he takes 100 damage, the benefit is gone forever. To avoid all repercussions, from the NCR, this means finishing the quests Render Unto Caesar through Part 2 (Kill Mr. House then report back to Caesar before installing Yes Man), The Finger of Suspicion, killing Benny in the arena, and defeating all of the competitors in the arena (all give Legion fame). Are items that disappear from Fallout: New Vegas companion inventories lost forever? Question. Clogged sink drain after washing paint brush and roller.