It begins with you being shot in the head and buried in the ground, and ends (depending on your choices) with you as the king of New Vegas. The NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion are battling it out for control of New Vegas. When did you fell in love with the franchise? You can also talk to the coward, who asks you to meet him upstairs to discuss a deal - which he of course does not show up to. The doctor at Jacobstown explains that Rex needs a new brain. Imagine the weapon customization of Fallout 4 and Ammo types of New Vegas. The two quests in the Strip where you have to gather a bunch of unique characters together were have Wang Dang Atomic Tango in the Atomic Wrangler and Talent Pool from the Tops casino. - 2 fully voiced companions. I like the Fallout series but I don’t like how the devs redesign, include, and exclude, certain guns and calibers from title to title. Do remember that our walkthrough only covers main tasks that are mandatory for the completion of Fallout: New Vegas. Piracy is a permanent ban, no warnings. Any lesser known quests worth doing in New Vegas? Should you want Lupa's brain, which grants Rex a +10 damage threshold, you must fight her in the arena with nothing but a machete. I haven't completed 100% obviously but I've done enough that I'm willing to call it done once i finiish the main quest. Of course you can take the classic sniper approach and pick off Kimball from a distance. The third belongs to Lupa, a regal dog owned by The Legion. They got everything about the game down. So today we're going to look back at the very best missions from Fallout: New Vegas, a game every bit as awesome as Fallout 3, maybe even better. Sidequests. Is anyone else sick of the Brotherhood of Steel? I was more than satisfied with this option and hearing his smart-aleck quips as I punched his stupid face was the best end to the bitter rivalry. for every npc you talk too that gives a quest, you would have already talked too 10 that didnt give anything ,and that quest might be too high level for you. Once you've spoken to her you will be off for a trek up the mountain to meet Dr Henry. From here you can choose to help Ringo (possibly with the townsfolk) and fight off the Powder Gangers when they come to Goodsprings, or you can side with the Powder Gangers and gain their respect. You see will see a 1, if the current quest is complete, and a 0 if it is not. The most important quest of all though is 'One For My Baby' -- which sees you get a companion, assuming you play it properly that is. Then the amazing spectacle of the Boombers B-29 flies overhead and drops bombs on the Dam, significantly changing the battle. - several new locations. etc etc. - and a few more things. Fallout games. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How would you rank the companions". In case I've missed anything really cool, if there was one side quest, especially one in a fairly obscure location, that you would regret not doing, what would it be? Wikis. In how many games do you get to kill an important political figure? No dissemination of rumors / leaks without actual evidence. Posts promoting or facilitating piracy in any way will be removed. and join one of thousands of communities. So you either take control of the dam for Caesar, retain it for the NCR, destroy it, or connect it to Mr. House's mainframe. GO FETCH BROCK FLOWER AND XANDER ROOT I TEACH YOU. The Ultra-Deluxe is possibly the nicest place in all of New Vegas, it's super clean, white and everyone is well dressed - it feels like a pocket of civilized society has been revived. For everything else, you'll want to visit the Side Quests section of our guide . Keep it civil and do not make personal attacks to other users. Similarly to Fallout 3, New Vegas went all out for the last mission and did everything to make the frame rate plummet! Hence, why people have been going missing. More than 1 in 10 of your posts or comments being self-promotional is spamming. I was expecting to attach the ballasts, then head back to Pearl and have her tell me the plane was retrieved. For a list of all the quest and how to start them check the readme, or just get out there and find them on your own. It's a sandbox, open-world game that stresses combat and character interaction. The outcome is yours to decide and having such varied options makes for fantastic replay value. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Which quests offer the best rewards? /r/falloutcosplayers - Fallout-related cosplay, /r/galaxynewsradio - Fallout-sounding music. To open the console in Fallout New Vegas, press the ~ key while you are in the game. Doctor Klein. Sadly one of the rockets thrusters malfunctioned and it flew off in a different direction and likely crashed but that only made the mission more memorable. Register Start a Wiki. Every quest is unique and memorable, and the rest of the series has a lot of filler quests and boring “deliver this” or “talk to him” type quests. There's a quest to do there. Comments are fine. I chose the latter and beat Benny with my bare hands. Variable XP. GO FETCH FUEL AND ROCKETS. My character level is in the 40s so I've done more or less everything easily noticeable. NVTC has all the financial options such as Investment, Loans, Savings Account, Currency Exchange, Cashier's Check, Trade, and etc. 'Birds of a Feather' encapsulates the Fallout experience; making difficult choices that might leave you feeling dirty afterwards but which ultimately benefit you. Karma doesn't have as much of an effect on gameplay as in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, since reputation has a more important place.However, it does still exist and if someone catches you performing an action that causes negative Karma against their faction you will often lose reputation with that faction; for example, stealing something from the Silver Rush where a Van Graff can see you. Any lesser known quests worth doing in New Vegas? Often they'll just give you caps or experience points, but occasionally you'll come across one that gives you a unique reward. The night guard is a surly guy named Boone, who isn't much of a talker. So once you've gained the trust and good will of the Boomers faction, old Pearl will tell you about the dream she has of raising the old B-29 bomber from the seabed where it lies. Yes, the side quests are well worth doing. The leader of the ghouls, Jason Bright, explains that he, Chris, and the ghouls have been planning for years to reach the "sacred place." Fallout: New Vegas is an incredible game that came out just 2 years after Fallout 3, developed by Obsidian, not Bethesda. - Loads of (mostly) voiced characters. Once you choose the brain and obtain it, Dr. Henry will implant it in Rex and give him a new leash of life. One that's often overlooked is "Bye Bye Love." New Vegas has it a lot worse than 3 because the amount of quests is far larger. Do not spam. So when things do happen in the world, it always takes me by surprise - blowing up Megaton being a good example. This brain will give Rex +25 attack damage and the Faithful Protector perk. GO FIND WHERE GHOULS COME FROM. - over 700 lines of voiced dialogue. For Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How many quests are there in total? Once the rockets are in working order you have the duty/joy of telling jerk Haversam that he cannot accompany the ghouls on their journey. (self.Fallout), submitted 3 years ago by HighKingMurkthroatShark Club Performer. [–]Motherdragon64Chandler Bing 3 points4 points5 points 3 years ago (0 children). Whichever way you approach the mission, it's a sight to behold! Fallout: New Vegas has a lot of side quests that you can do. This is probably my favorite fallout game, but really I just get to a certain point and just start over. We're starting with a somewhat straightforward mission but one that set the tone for everything to come. From here you talk to a few around Nellis Air Base and get the necessary equipment to go raise the B-29, including a rebreather that allows you to swim indefinitely. Whichever option you choose will make one or two different characters leave and you can't change that. Here, you'll find details on all of the missions the game has to offer you that aren't mandatory quests necessary to … There are multiple side quests requiring skills such as Barter, Medicine, Lockpick and Science. So you enter the Dinosaur and go up to the mouth, which is wisely being used as a watchtower. So I haven't gotten that deep into the game. For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to side with NCR". ), Finally got all the bobble heads in Fallout 3. Over in Camp Golf, there's a gang of unruly NCR soldiers called the Misfits. Not only is this a very cool mission that involves slave trading, espionage, treachery, and murder, but it results in you getting a companion that can shoot from long-distance. You will likely meet one or more of these citizens on your journey but you will have to go to Novac, Jacobstown, Cannibal Johnson's cave, Westside, and NCR Sharecropper Farms. The reason this mission makes the list is because of how morally grey it leaves you feeling -- should you really have fooled Rose of Sharon Cassidy into coming with you, only to get her killed? /r/thefalloutdiaries - Journal-like fan fiction. Fallout: New Vegas is 5 years old. Well, quite a few actually. Then you make your way to the viewing platform and initiate the launch sequence. It's a power struggle, you're the middle man between the NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion. But, seeing as this is Fallout, you don't have one option, you have several. This mission is all about justice and revenge. This is a fantastic mission that gives the player a plethora of choices, some quick and easy, others more challenging, and some downright hilariously dastardly. dove218: 34: 11/21 2:17PM: Hedging your Bets: a guide to delaying your final choice of faction {SPOILERS} Finnegan: 114: 10/25 11:05PM Follow proper Reddiquette when submitting and commenting. One of these moments happens in 'Volare! REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 9806 on r2-app-040c13d1e564365a0 at 2020-12-01 03:23:41.481118+00:00 running c068927 country code: NL. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This mission can be a tricky one to trigger, and as such it can be easily missed. In this quest, the player has to track… New Vegas and Freeside also hold a wealth of side quests. The mission begins with Caesar giving you instructions to off the New California Republic President, Aaron Kimball. The time has almost arrived - Fallout 4! The next brain belongs to a mutt by the name of Violetta. ". It's a power struggle, you're the middle man between the NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar's Legion. While there were not many side quests in this game, they are my favorite in the series. 1 Hauptspiel 1.1 Tutorial Quests 1.2 Hauptquests 1.3 Hauptquest Bögen 1.3.1 … Came close to finishing it once, but in that playthrough I just did the "main" quests. After leaving Goodsprings you ventured off into the wasteland to discover, survive, and hunt Benny. Not long ago we counted down the top 11 missions in Fallout 3, which you may want to read before moving forward. Fallout 4 arrives in less than 24 hours. This is the main quest line that allies you with Caesar’s Legion. Of course you have the choice to fight the Van Graff's but that option is basically suicide and Cass usually dies anyway. The final brain is that of an NCR guard dog that is only available at a particular time and grants no bonuses. - 21 new quests. ', although on a smaller scale. In many ways it is a better game than Fallout 3 and gives players an insane amount of choice like few other games have. I say this because Fallout is a series about choice; the moment you emerge from the Vault, or Dr. Henry's house, the world is entirely yours to explore. First you will need a high speech skill, and an intelligence level of 8 or higher. Use and abuse spoiler tags. This mission and it's overall effect on the entire game, from beginning to end, is one of the reasons I think it's probably a better game than Fallout 3. Those 11 missions are all fantastic, and of course there are tons more that could have made the list but these 11 encapsulate the Fallout experience better than all the rest. This brain offers +50 movement speed and can only be obtained via murder. Holy crap! Fallout 4 also has a great world. Fallout 3 is seven years old. 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[–]SupermagicalcookieThe Institute 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children), [–]HighKingMurkthroatShark Club Performer[S] 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children), Damn, I've done all of these at least once... Have I actually exhausted NV? If you follow it to the end of the game, it will result in the Legion taking over New Vegas and the wasteland. The mission also only begins when you've reached a certain point in the main quest. Basically, the wasteland in the Fallout games is very static and unchanging - there are no weather effects, no set-pieces, and it all looks fairly drab.