+ 'Thank you for subscribing!' When American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein painted Look Mickey in 1961, it set the tone for his career. } Roy Lichtenstein Prices and Auction Results Free online bidding auctions available worldwide. Your password has not been updated in a while. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("width", w), googletag.pubads().setTargeting("height", h), 1 == isnewsletter && googletag.pubads().setTargeting("isfirstpage", ['Y', pagetypeforce] ) Ethnographic & Indigenous Artifacts (2432), Greek, Roman & Egyptian Antiquities (1776), Historical, Political & Space Collectibles (728), Natural History Collectibles, Fossils & Minerals (3766), Sporting, Fishing & Hunting Collectibles (1315), Indian & South Asian Art & Antiques (715), Bill Hood & Sons Arts & Antiques Auctions, Bubb > Kuyper: Auctioneers of Books, Fine Arts & Manuscripts, Case Antiques, Inc. Auctions & Appraisals, Das Kunst- und Auktionshaus Kastern GmbH & Co KG, Dr. Andreas Sturies Moderne Kunst & Auktionen, John Nicholsons Fine Art Auctioneer & Valuer, Kunst und Design Auktionshaus Schops Turowski, Quinn's Auction Galleries Central Virginia, Trinity International Auctions & Appraisals, LLC, Valerie Regis-Hotel des ventes de Montmorency. var valid = ctx.validate( $form, $email); found = false; var script = document.createElement('script'); return ""; When American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein painted Look Mickey in 1961, it set the tone for his career. var ctx = this; } o[this.name] = [o[this.name]]; By } else { // Does the email match our regex? for(var i = 0; i ' initNewsletterSignup(); $modal[0], { To improve the security of your account, please update your password now. Roy Lichtenstein prints are among some of the most distinctive of the Pop Art era. } else { link.rel = 'stylesheet'; /** In a statement, the auction house promised “creative opportunities for those wishing to preview our exhibitions and participate in our auctions—from in-person and virtual appointment viewings to enhanced digital experiences.”, The announcement of the Lichtenstein consignment also included assurances from Sotheby’s that the work would appear in a live auction the week of June 29, “pending the lifting of certain restrictions and confirmation from the relevant authorities that we can proceed.” (The house has rolled its regular June sales in London and its May New York sales into one event.). function loadJQuery() { Composed using Ben-Day dots—the method used by newspapers and comic strips to denote gradients and texture—Lichtenstein’s work mimicked the mechanical technique with his own hand on a much larger scale // Signup validation } isnewsletter = pagetypeurl.includes("?page_1"); var generalSettings = { found = true; setNewsletterCookie('recentlyShown', 1); return numDays * 24 * 60; script.crossorigin = "anonymous"; Regarding Roy's Girls series, Dorothy Lichtenstein has said "I think that he was portraying his idea of the dream girl" (Dorothy Lichtenstein in conversation with Jeff Koons in: Exh. The auction house seems committed to some version of an in-person sale, which will be held the week of June 29. customSerializer: function(){ Artnet News, var ca = document.cookie.split(';'); // Check if ouibounce exist before calling ouibounce addCss('https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css'); Notably, the forthcoming White Brushstroke I has a slightly lower estimate than its predecessor—perhaps a reflection of how prices have been recalibrated in light of the current financial climate. + '
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