Followers for the last 30 days. 👍 Views Rank. Ninja is also top 10 in average viewers, highest concurrent viewers, followers and total views. 5th. Theres multiple ways to do it and I'm not sure which twitch uses exactly but if you're looking to do something similar and fishing for a solution, then there are onbeforeunload events that browsers fire when you close them. 1.000 Twitch Views. Coming Soon. its super lame that all anyone sees on my channel is my relatively low number of followers. There are more than 2 million Twitch users, … Twitch all-time concurrent viewers record (Picture: Sony) PlayStation 5 Reveal - 6.1 million - 11th June 2020; Fortnite The Device Event - 4.7 million - 15th June 2020; Valorant Closed Beta - 4.5 million - 19th April 2020 Twitch viewer bot that actually works. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Fühl dich wie Zuhause. It’s still a good read though 🙂 An intro to Twitch: Twitch is the largest video game broadcasting community. Most Watched Most Streamed Highest Peak Viewership Most Popular. Most Watched … Cancel Unsubscribe. r/Twitch: /r/Twitch is an unofficial place for discussions surrounding the streaming website 10.537M 26.6%. Followers Rank. 7th. Buy Twitch Viewers Twitch is something that can help you make a lot of money. Please consider adding to … 2 were scams and didnt refund me but viewerlabs is fantastic. Willkommen auf dem RotBart kanal ich wünsche dir viel spaß hier. 3rd. Twitch streamer #1. Ninja streams live on Twitch! Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 2. Views Rank. It was launched by Amazon in 2011. I was over 4k views and now i'm in the single digits was wondering if someone could help me with this issue. Twitch is a great streaming service for all the gamers out there. For gaming, a larger screen like a PC or TV provides a better experience. 55% of Twitch users are between the ages of 18 and 34 DingleDerper makes it look easy streaming live as the #10 top female Twitch streamer with 417K followers and climbing. 14 comments. Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, the site primarily focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions, in addition to music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, "in real life" streams. But in starting, twitch streamers have to do a lot of hard work to earn views that lead the user to money, and it is also not guaranteed that the streamer can earn the number of viewers they want. Today, it’s not only about video games, but you can also enjoy art, talk shows, listen to music, and more. Views from Twitch Do your viewers come from followers, from browsing the category pages, from searching the search bar or from landing on … Top 50 Twitch Users Top 100 Twitch Users Top 250 Twitch Users Top 500 Twitch Users Top 1000 Twitch Users Top 5000 Twitch Users Hello, visitor! Simply purchase a key for the amount of channel views you wish to have and set a custom delivery speed that works for you and our bots will do the rest of the work. Last updated Sun, Nov 29 at 16:48. Counts.Live Twitch Followers Count let's you monitor the live followers count for anything. Twitch is a video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of, Inc. Followers stay forever! 7. SocialBlade is a premiere Twitch community where you can chat with other Twitch users. Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers. In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to get a free twitch view bot without needing a computer! Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Total War: Warhammer II streamers! Coming Soon. share. Ranked by the total viewership hours (hours live x average viewers) in the last 30 days. For instance, if Smmpoint provided 72 view hours by Twitch live stream viewers, that could mean 144 people from any corner of the world became the part of your stream for a half-hour each (144 x 0.5 = 72) or 72 people watching your stream for 1 hour each or any other combination. Buy views for your Twitch channel. 1st. Top 50 Twitch Users Top 100 Twitch Users Top 250 Twitch Users Top 500 Twitch Users Top 1000 Twitch Users Top 5000 Twitch Users Hello, visitor! No doubt, Ninja is a top Twitch streamer and it is difficult to surpass this popular Twitch celebrity. Twitch Bit Donations - $316,354.92 Average Sponsorship/Product Placement - $600,000 Average Estimated YouTube Revenue - $36,000 . Hi again! Please consider adding to … Use the twitch channel views bot to increase the total channel views number on any twitch channel automatically. Followers Rank. How can I buy Twitch Views? While this method still works, you’ll need to supplement it with proxies or multiple IP’s. A channel is said to be successful on Twitch when it has a large number of dedicated followers and a high average daily views. But it’s understandable if many people prefer to view Twitch on larger screens. The platform reaches out to over a hundred and forty million viewers every month. Loading... Unsubscribe from John Schmit? We offer what we like to call "realistic channel views". Hey I was streaming and out of nowhere my total views were suddenly reset. Coming Soon. Use the twitch channel views bot to increase the total channel views number on any twitch channel automatically. This is why despite mobile devices accounting for a larger share of the internet traffic, they only account for 35% of Twitch views. All of our views look completely legitimate and can easily get you to affiliate & partner. Watch Total Lockdown channels streaming live on Twitch. Counts.Live allows you to track the changes as they happen, allowing you to keep track of your milestones with ease! Sign up or login to join the community and follow your favorite Total Lockdown streamers! Twitch is a lot smarter than it was 2 years ago when Twitch viewbots were booming, which means we have to be careful about how channel views are delivered. The number of daily active users is more than fifteen million. SB Rank. ... i had watched my stream go from 1900 total views to almost three thousand in a few weeks and now i cant see my total views anywhere. The launch of League of Legends developer Riot’s new VALORANT in April 2020 nearly beat the record, garnering 1.73 million concurrent Twitch views. The Most Watched Games on Twitch, November 2020. Faking Viewers on Twitch TV. In November 2020, the most popular streaming channel on Twitch in terms of total views was Riot Games. When it comes to streaming, Twitch is holding some of the biggest records in the world, so let's see some of them. With this plan you get twitch channel views to grow your account and become popular. Twitch viewer bots are hard to come by, but the viewbot at Viewerlabs is the best one around. VALORANT did manage, however, to become the most-watched game over any 24 hour period, racking up a total of 34 million hours on Twitch in total. The platform often doesn't update the numbers in real-time and also don't update automatically. She’s got 16M total views on Twitch, and an estimated 1800 active subscribers. SocialBlade is a premiere Twitch community where you can chat with other Twitch users. It means you can't control how many views you send to your channel, but you will get channel views. Twitch is the second most popular live streaming and gaming video broadcasting network in the world. Especially since TWITCH is a fairly NEW platform, they’re in the stage of ACQUIRING customers, not turning a profit. It’s hard to overstate the dominance which Ninja holds over Twitch, as a whole. I previously used view-botted and it was a joke lol viewerlabs got me partner :D Twitch streamer #2. i used 3 other viewer bots before i found viewerlabs. Our bot follows strict rules to make it look like real users visiting your stream. Success, and subsequently money, in the Twitch universe is determined mainly by two factors- followers and views. She streams Counter-Strike, League of Legents and Fortnite. She got started streaming back in 2011. Twitch Bot (live viewers, total views, and followers) John Schmit. ... Total Grade. For as low as $2.49 for 1000 channel views, or $ 3.99 for 100 followers, lifetime packages with guaranteed replacement is the bargain that will leave you satisfied. Watch Total War: Warhammer II channels streaming live on Twitch. 5.326M 10.3%. Update: It appears that Twitch has capped views to ten per IP. In total it makes a total budget of $5,417,447. SB Rank. Followers for the last 30 days. The Riot Games channel had a combined 1.26 billion total views as of November 2020. i always get the fastest support! ... Total Grade. Pretty good, right? Get premium Twitch channel views. I am Pixel, willing to help you buy real Twitch followers, channel views, chatbot chatters, and live viewers for the lowest price. Coming Soon.