Click here to book my exact same experience from the same ajarn who blessed me with this sacred ink! Possibly the most famous is Wat Bang Phra, situated just outside Bangkok, which is where I had my Thai tattoo done. The Sak Yant Tattoo is a Traditional Tattoo applied by a holy man, while chanting prayers using a Steal Needle in either Ink (visible) or oil (invisible) that is ended with a Magical Blessing. As you arrive at the complex you want to head to the left of the car park and straight towards an office-like building inside one of the temples. what is the meaning of your design? I probably sound like a complete wuss to some people, but it doesn’t bother me. I know, I haven’t! I also go way further and believe in no borrowing even, so I think I am golden on this point. Sak Yant Tattoo Details. It all comes down to being mindful – if you are not doing so to hurt yourself or others, it’s ok to have some social drinks. The most important part is that they have been properly trained, which can take decades of learning and teachings. Sak means to ‘jab’ and Yant or Yantra means ‘Blessed Tattoo’ so all in all Sak Yant means ‘getting the blessed tattoo’. It’s a weird feeling and maybe it will wear off but for now – I feel like a million bucks and I hope it sticks! I don’t think I would make a good monk, as I probably broke half of these within about 48 hours (shhh, don’t tell Master Luang Pi Nunn). Safety always comes first for me, so getting inked in a samnak was a no brainer. Hi! An ajarn for Sak Yant is someone who has trained in one of the main lineages by a master. It is probably the most famous Sak Yant temple in Thailand. So basically Sak Yant is a holy inscription on your body by a phra ajarn monk or ajarn, which signifies your life’s purpose, values and each design is custom created for you based on your ideals. I think I’ve included everything I can above, but am happy to answer any questions you have. When receiving the Sak Yant, you take your top off and sit down in front of him and rest forward on a triangular cushion. It all comes down to being mindful – if you are not doing so to hurt yourself or others, it’s ok to have some social drinks. Back almost 3000 years ago, it is generally believed to have arisen in the Khmer era. All ajarns should enter the Sangha (brotherhood of monks) though are not obligated to stay there for the rest of their lives. Hong Kong is one of my favorite cit, #Throwback to one of my favorite cities - Budapest, Looking back at on your travels what destination d, Well here are the 5 major rules of Sak Yant, 30 miles west of Bangkok there is a Buddhist temple called Wat Bang Phra. Honestly, many people still believe that the authentic Sak Yant experience is ONLY done by monks in a temple! Since my last few trips to Thailand, I was yearning to get a Sak Yant tattoo in Bangkok. It has been stated that the Monk or Ajarn will choose your design for you after reading your aura. Okay its just been a day so I cannot comment on how it changed my life yet but I can already feel it will have a positive impact on me. who was responsible for tattooing Angelina Jolie, Get Your Guide offer a tour that you can view by clicking here, Complete Thailand Packing List For Men And Women, This great value tour from ForeverVacation. All transport, meal, offerings are included in your package. We don’t know the name for Dan’s tattoo. Asia, Destinations, Thailand Jo how painful it was!! These Buddhist tattoos regularly contain sacred … Wa Pha Thit Sit.”. Regardless of which method the monk uses to give you the tattoo, they use the same needle continuously for many people, and re-dip the tip in the same ink again and again. I have never been the kind of person to follow a set of ground rules so I instantly assumed a Sak Yant wasn’t for me! However, there seems to be no apparent cases of anyone having contracted an illness from a Sak Yant tattoo, and I helped justify it by how many people were there getting new tattoos added every month. I’m not sure if you have much choice, to be honest, and maybe it is based on whatever Master Luang Pi Nunn is feeling up to using on the day. so beautiful! He will then place a template on to get the position right and then draw the entire thing freehand (he really is a master, as the finished tattoo is incredibly detailed). Sak Yant tattoo with Aura; A Sak Yant master will never know what tattoo to give you or what you unless you tell him. The process of getting a Sak Yant tattoo done in Bangkok can seem stressful and confusing, but I hope this post at least helps clear things up for some people. No Lying  – I am sure those little white lies don’t count . Think of it this way – a yantra is to help improve your life in one capacity or another. s.type = 'text/javascript'; You'll find me working out of a cafe in Bali, perhaps on a riverboat in Brazil or maybe even an airport lounge in New Delhi. I am not sure if insects count? 11. This is the BEST deal you will ever get with a smooth experience throughout. Surprisingly, whenever I wanted to or did cringe, I realized the other person might have a reason , and even if not, its perfectly okay. Any time you are feeling like you aren’t getting closer to your goals, your yantra will remind you how much it means to you (enough to brand it on to your body) – so you can go out and be a better version of yourself.. only then will your goals be realized. Now one of the major deterrent in my quest for getting holy ink were the rules that come with it. To me, it is something unique that holds a story and some real character. Hand held steel rod is used for Sak Yant tattooing. In fact, before e-meeting Ian of WSE, I was under same impression. Instead, I was ushered into the second floor where they were being performed by the famous Master Luang Pi Nunn using a modern tattooing gun. , Hope that helps clarify a bit. While originally from Hindu tradition, the tattoos were adopted by the Thai people, with the arrival of Buddhism from India. From its animistic roots in the former Lanna Kingdom, to the Buddhism and Hinduism influence that came during the Khmer Empire of Angkor Wat, and centuries of superstitions and evolution since then too, now the only place they exist in their current traditional form, Sak Yant Rules – To follow or Not to Follow. “Si Na Ta Si Ma Ni No Ye, All my mind can focus on is how painfully slow that steel needle is puncturing my skin, sometimes forgetting to breath. It costs US$ 250 including guide fees, meal, pick up, drop, refreshments. That was the best part. –. Now, what are you waiting for? A yantra is a sacred, geometrical design said to have magical properties. I want to get this done too. After entering this room, you can head left and go upstairs again which takes you into a room with only a few people who are waiting to pay a lot more money to get a professional Sak Yant done. In order to receive a Sak Yant tattoo, you must take part in a traditional Khmer ritual which includes an offering, prayer, and blessing. I loved the detailing of your design. })(document, 'script', '//'); Copyright © 2020 | MH Purity lite WordPress Theme by MH Themes. The traditional method of drawing a Sak Yant is shown in the image below. The tour itself is actually pretty good value. S, One of the highlights of my trip to Sariska was th, First jungle trip after 8 months. You can get a blessed geometric inscription (yantra) or even gods or animals (like Sak Yant tiger, lizard, snake, frog etc). Another brilliant tour is offered by ForeverVacation which comes in at under $70. But there is no time to wait between tattoos, and I had my friends and girlfriend there who had all just waited more than 2 hours, so had no option of backing out! I travel far and wide to bring interesting stories and tales of misadventures from around the globe to my readers. Your email address will not be published. An ajarn just means a master of something – in this case of Sak Yant (but can also be of things like Muay Thai or other practices). Ian Ord of Where Sidewalks End, wisely answered my query about adhering to the rules and if just being a good person was enough (In short, yes!) You want to enchant or protect something of value to you. Sak Yant and religion. Na Ye No Thit Sit, Get Your Guide offer a tour that you can view by clicking here. There are still temples around Thailand that offer “free” Sak Yant tattoo (offering is ALWAYS expected see below), where people line up daily to visit the Ajarn (master monk performing the tattoo) to get their magical tattoo.. How much did it cost you? The day starts with your travel guide picking you up from your hotel, taking you to buy offerings (its covered in cost of the experience), going with you to ajarn, translating everything so you can communicate effortlessly (the majority of ajarns don’t speak English), taking pictures while you get inked (hey its important for a blogger – don’t judge me) and finally having a nice local meal with you (Also paid for by the company) and bringing you back. By Jason Phan in (Mis)Adventures on 12/02/2019 27/08/2019. The men here seemed annoyed by my presence and ushered me on up into the next room (there is a door straight ahead of you and on the left). After reading online, it appears that’s a pretty good deal, as taxi drivers will charge you more each way and will then charge you much more for waiting around for 3 hours whilst you are in the temple. Well, your Sak Yant tattoo is just like any other ink and all the basic post-ink tips apply. It’s too far to get a Tuk Tuk, so your easiest options are to either get a taxi or an Uber. Like if someone bumps into me on the street or gets in front of a queue, I automatically inwardly cringe and curse – it’s human nature, come on – admit it, we all do it! Note: Some posts may contain affiliate links. The sak yant is one form of Thai Sacred Geometry. If you’re looking to get one, then hopefully it will help you out … let’s get started. Really it's up to you, but I would say aim for before 7:30am and expect to wait at least a couple of hours. We knew that walking into a tattoo shop in Bangkok and picking a design out of a book, without even knowing the Sak Yant Tattoo meaning wasn’t even close to the “right way” to … This is no rocket science and I would say a Sak Yant is way more hygienic and heals faster than a normal tattoo. Sak means "to tattoo", to tap (like Bamboo tattooing) and Yant, derived from the Sanskrit word Yantra, which means sacred geometrical designs and magical spells or chants. I noticed small changes in my behavior. The end product was this magnificent, intricate piece of meaningful art –, So happy with the intricate yantra and design. It is known as a Gao Yord. It has come up so well! The earlier you arrive the better, as the queue gets quite long very quickly. How amazing is this? Karma plays a big role in this logic. It documented his experience of getting what is known as a Sak Yant tattoo. You should be OK, just be polite, respectful and obey the basic rules they have. In today’s world, some people do still seek out Sak Yant monks to give them their Sak Yant tattoos to make the experience and the tattoo itself that much more meaningful. And if you believe it to be serious, then shouldn’t the rules be equally as serious as they are part of it? You can view details of the tour I bought here – Another interesting aspect of my experience was when Ajarn Neng asked me to repeat this mantra in my head as I was getting inked “Sooo Thai Ya” and also provided a short mantra to repeat everyday. It is customary to worship deities prior to getting inked. No Alcohol consumption – This one was debatable for a beer drinker like yours truly. I said I would never get a tattoo but, stupid as it sounds, I don't view this as any old tattoo. (function(d, sc, u) { Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I quickly forgot about any nervousness as I had nothing left to focus on but the pain and getting through it. Of course the ink and needle will NOT be the same I can guarantee they keep hygiene as their prime concern and use fresh new needles and ink pots for each person. Bamboo Hand-Poked / Sak Yant Tattoo by Patong Tattoo Phuket. I am a wanderer in search of new places and exciting adventures. If that's something that interests you, then you can find out more here. Sak Yant tattooing (Thai: สักยันต์ RTGS: sak yan) is a form of tattooing.It consists of sacred geometrical, animal and deity designs accompanied by Pali phrases that are said to offer power, protection, fortune, charisma and other benefits for the bearer. You basically head to the back of the mass of people and sit down, then slowly edge your way closer to the front over the course of a couple hours. If you want good things in life, you have to do good things. So in essence – yes, the magic ‘wears off’ if you are being a bad person, as there is no fuel for the karmic flame. Glad you liked it Ketki. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); This will obviously make for a better person for your amazing new magic body art. In this case the form of the yantra is a tattoo. More specifically, Master Luang Pi Nunn, one of the most well-known tattooing monks in Thailand. Getting blessed by my ajarn post Sak Yant ink experience. When you enter, the room could already be full of other people waiting their turn. And after trolling the internet I was still left a little apprehensive and worried about the whole experience. Many people like this one. I would say, skip trying to go to the temples altogether and book your traditional, awesome, Sak Yant tattoo in Bangkok with WSE travel, the way I did. As always, just leave a comment below with your questions and I will get back to you as fast as I can! Hi Krishnan, to be honest, I am not so sure. Sak Yant Designs. Sometimes referred to as a Buddhist tattoo or a yantra tattoo, these tattoos have been made internationally famous by Angelina Jolie and Muay Thai fighters. I can’t wait to share it with all of you all so its the first post I am writing from my time in #AmazingThailand. In the following article we will discuss some of the more common Sak Yant designs and their basic meanings. Now looking at what you just said about ‘as long as you are a good person’ – and these guidelines are for you to be a good person… then it sounds like you are already trying to accomplish the same as what the guidelines lay out. Sadly, my plans never firmed up but two days ago, I finally got my sacred ink via Where Sidewalks End; and it was one of the best experiences I have had in Thailand. Apr 6, 2020 - Explore Ayla Rebekah's board "sak yant tattoo" on Pinterest. We paid 450 Baht for our Uber ride out there, and then paid him a further 600 Baht to wait around and take us back again. So for me, my reasons to get a Sak Yant were plenty – starting from the whole experiential factor to the idea of bamboo tattooing and getting inked by a shaman (locally known as an Ajarn). Some temples have a longish list of far fetched rules to abide by to keep your Sak Yants magic intact. You might well know it as a bamboo tattoo. There are many powerful Thai Sak Yant tattoo designs. Personally, I absolutely loved the finished design, just check out the picture below! It is believed that the tattoo holds sacred magical powers and can help protect those who have them. The Yant is for pulling in good luck and protection from all 8 directions. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); There are a few temples across Thailand that are famous for still allowing Westerners to receive a Sak Yant. You can learn all about what each line means here, along with the rules that accompany the tattoo. Sak Yant tattoo price point would vary a lot based on if you get it in a temple versus a clean hygienic samnak (a traditional Sak Yant studio). Yant Ruesi. As you enter, directly on your left is a monk performing Thai Sak Yant tattoos using the old-fashioned method of effectively stabbing your back with a large needle. Few articles might have affiliate links which means I get a teeny commission (at no extra cost to you) to foot my travels (or atleast a beer - burp!). 6 comments. I don't pretend to be an expert on the origins of Yantra tattooing, but a quick search found that it dates back as far as the 9th century. All. Thanks for supporting WanderWithJo. The Sak Yant is perhaps the cheapest tattoo you will ever receive. You can also opt for a hygienic, spiritual Sak Yant tattoo Chiang Mai experience from WSE if you are headed in that neck of the woods instead. As I learnt more and more about the Sak Yant prior to getting inked, I realized there are many factors to it and being nice, kind and having basic etiquette is pretty much all the gods expect. Probably like yourself, I had never even heard of a Sak Yant tattoo, but I was so drawn in by how unique it was that I quickly decided I had to get one. better person for your amazing new magic body art. If you want a bit more information on getting a Sak Yant in Bangkok, here are some useful pages you can visit: 22 MOST EPIC Private Pool Villas Thailand Has To Offer in 2020! The tattoo itself felt as if he was slowly going up and down the same point on my back with a candle. A sak yant is a form of tattoo that is very popular in Thailand. Spiritual factors followed slowly and overcame all of my other reasons to get a Sak Yant. Thanks for sharing information about Sak Yant Tattoo. Now if you are doing harm to yourself or to others (mentally, physically or emotionally) – how can you expect to improve your own life. These yantras, in a way, are a representation of our own goals and passions that mean something to us and that we are trying to accomplish, and a reminder to give first (positive energy to yourself and others) before expecting to receive any towards your own goals. I can’t remember the exact figure, but it was something closer to $100. A Sak Yant design, chanting, script and the praying are connected to buddhisiam. So, kick off your shoes, grab a beer and enjoy my escapades. No Stealing – That’s easy. Sak is the Thai word for tattoo and Yant, or Yantra as it is known elsewhere in the world, is the Thai name for a geometrical design believed to posses magical powers of protection. CurrentlyIndia Getting a sak yant tattoo was truly a spiritual experience for me. In 2016 I decided to ditch the office environment, work from my laptop and travel to every country in the world. However, Thailand is now the only place they exist in their current traditional form. A Sak Yant master is not that kind of person who can “read” you. Sak Yant is the Thai name for sacred geometrical designs inked into the skin. It is advisable to get inked as high up on your body as possible but then it depends on your available canvas and which yantra is being suggested to you, as many have specific locations they are intended to go. Note: It also sees pretty common for people to get a Sak Yant in Chiang Mai. I was worried that we would be turned away because we were Westerners, but our presence in the room only seemed to cause minimal interest. Just few hours after my ink, I felt something changed inside me. Travel Inspiration . 99% of the guidelines are there for you to be a good person – don’t harm others, don’t harm yourself. Yant = yantra. This is often difficult to find out after the fact for a variety of reasons. That’s why I decided to write this post on getting my Sak Yant done at the Wat Bang Phra temple just outside Bangkok. In the end to follow the Sak Yant rules or not – it all boils down to you and your beliefs and reasons for getting inked in the first place! If you can sit in that room and get, what felt like, burned by a monk for 15 minutes, whilst a room full of 40 people sit there silently staring at you and come out feeling no pain, then I salute you. It has been done many times at Bangkok Ink and at our masters Sam Nak’s. I already have a wiccan protection symbol on my back and I didn’t want another spiritual ink sharing the same canvas so I asked my ajarn if its possible on the arm. This surely adds to your whole divine experience. After reading the post by the Expert Vagabond, I was still left with many questions about how to actually get my Sak Yant tattoo done. I have a hard time with the annoying roaches and even though I don’t have the balls to kill them directly, I sometimes cause a massacre when I freak out after seeing one. He was extremely helpful and the constant cleaning and holding skin tight helped with a further detailed, stunning art piece I now have on my arm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, if you are looking for a positive , hygienic inking experience, opt for an ajarn in their samnak, like I did with help of WSE. I have personally never gotten a tattoo before this one, so I was extremely nervous, to say the least. This is why some ajarns are monks (or a Phra Ajarn), while others are layman (no longer monks). Read Also: Complete Thailand Packing List For Men And Women. Who’s idea was it again to get a blessing tattoo done in the old school manner? and which yantra is being suggested to you, as many have specific locations they are intended to go, How this Magical Sak Yant Tattoo can be a Life Changing Experience. The Crown of the Head of the Buddha is represented by the middle spiral.. What a brilliant idea to have one. Sak Yant Ink Experience – What does it Entail and Where to Get one? It details the Sak Yant rules you should follow after having received a tattoo.Â. I personally follow them as guidelines, as rules sounds quite harsh or punishing. The tour I mentioned earlier is likely done in this room. I really can’t believe the level of detail he put in, especially having just sat there for almost 3 hours doing tattoo after tattoo with no breaks! First road trip, What a fantastic break after 8 long months of bein, Happy Halloween everyone. Made up of a Brahmanistic, Buddhist and Pagan past, yantras (mystical geometric designs) were placed on clothes, shirts and even on the skin. Sak means to tap, which refers to the age old hand held bamboo tattooing technique and Yant stands for Yantra. Personally, I felt my ajarn (Ajarn Neng) was truly amazing and very modern and open to ideas, whilst ensuring the true essence of Sak Yant was maintained. However, the only monk performing this did not seem happy with me receiving it this way. Safety always comes first for me, so getting inked in a samnak was a no brainer. Thailand is rich in our own culture, and the Sak Yant tattoo stands an amazing way to experience deep in the spirit of Thailand’s culture. For example I totally stopped the mindless cursing. From its animistic roots in the former Lanna Kingdom, to the Buddhism and Hinduism influence that came during the Khmer Empire of Angkor Wat, and centuries of superstitions and evolution since then too. Blogger Outreach Expert It appears there are other famous monks as well, such as Ajarn Noo Kanpai who was responsible for tattooing Angelina Jolie.Â. That being said, the Sak Yant tattoo style is now completely integrated into the Buddhist world, so it is known as a Buddhist tattoo. It took us about 2 and a half hours to slowly shuffle to the front of the queue. As mentioned, I’ve never had a tattoo before so I guess this comes down to your pain threshold. It costs less than $100 and saves you organising any of your own transport. No Killing  – This stands for well literally not killing any human or animal. As the name suggests, this is a very high level Yant for Ruesi. Many Buddhists regularly revisit the few temples that still practice this art, and some have beautiful designs stretching all over their bodies. It really boils down to how much do YOU believe in the magic, in karma, and in yourself ”. Keep it in mind that a Sak Yant tattoo design from Google and social media are not always correct. Your number one safety concern should be clean needles and fresh ink which, if booked from the right place won’t be a issue at all. Mindfulness. It was here I was to receive my Sak Yant tattoo by a Thai monk. You will then be inside the room where I, and also the Expert Vagabond, had my tattoo done. Finally bidding adieu after my uplifting inking experience. It also uses natural ink so you don’t necessarily need to apply any gels unless it starts itching (When it heals). I believe this takes you up to that room. The basic Sak Yant design is a 9-spire design that is drawn at the base of the neck. I was also surprised that Ajarn Neng’s samnak had Wifi and air conditioning – perfecto! Each line represents a Yant, or magical blessing. My name is Jo. This is easily the most popular Sak Yant tattoo (and it’s the one Jolie rocks.) Nowadays, most people have seen a type of this tattoo because it was made famous by Angelina Jolie worldwide, but when I received my first sak yant, I didn’t know much about the experience, history, or cultural importance.Now, I have 2 sak yant blessings for two different periods of my life — one from a monk, and one from an ajarn. 21.1k Followers, 862 Following, 518 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from YANT TATTOO STUDIO (@yantstudio) As it gets full and nearer to the front, everyone will bow their heads in prayer whilst the monk accepts the offering. The monestary is located at Nakhon Chai Si, Thailand. It is here that the most famous practitioner of Sak Yantra tattooing resides: Master Luang Pi Nunn. I got pretty anxious as it got closer and closer to being my turn. If they have been comp'ed for in any way, I mention it in my post but I write about anything that catches my fancy while I am on the road. The Sak Yant Tattoo offers protection to the wearer and serves as a Talisman of Affirmation for a personal quality, quest or goal. You just take this inside and place it in a bowl in the center of the room. This means that the Saints have ceased all diversions and are on a straight and direct path to Nirvana.. I was so impressed by the level of detailing and cleanliness, I felt it was even better than getting inked in a tattoo studio. Hi it a “mantra” based on my life – would be unique for each person . Who has even seen an assistant in a tattoo studio? Sak Yant tattoos hold deep meanings for you as an individual. There are basically three ways of getting a genuine Sak Yant Tattoo in Bangkok. Hopefully, next time I encounter this black insect with wings, I will try to avoid bloodshed. Go get your sacred Sak Yant tattoo in Bangkok and get spirited away. Drinking occasionally for pleasure with friends or in parties is very much acceptable. I had to stop my guide mid-sentence and ask “How important is this rule?” Khun Gob, my guide, explained patiently that all it means is don’t be an alcoholic. For example – stay away from direct sunlight for first week, No salted water or soap on your ink, apply Vaseline if needed – the works! Day Outing Near Gurgaon - Nuh Mewat [+ an Interesting Episode], 15 Best Street Foods in Malaysia to try RIGHT NOW, Walking around the Artsy district - Comuna 13 Medellin [+My New Ink], Complete Tayrona National Park Guide - For First Time Visitors, Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Hike and Guided Tour, Costa Rica, Utsav Camp - Finding Tranquility in Sariska Tiger Reserve, 9 Cool Things to do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, I really miss taking pictures during my travels. My sak yant tattoo only cost ฿75 THB (about $2.50 USD) plus my additional personal donation, however after a few years it turned into a backpacker Disney Land and they are now charging MUCH more up front. You can discuss everything freely with your ajarn and they are more than glad to talk you through the details. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; Thank god, coz this girl lovers her beer *Burp*. It was originally thought to have come from Cambodia when it was known as the Khmer regime. Jo Basically, after you explain your life and Sak Yant’s purpose to your ajarn, he will choose a design that represents your beliefs. After reading this great explanation, I was even more excited to get my Sak Yant. See more ideas about sak yant tattoo, thai tattoo, khmer tattoo. We arrived just before 8am and already had a room that was packed. A Sak Yant is an intricate piece of work, typically a combination of Buddhist and Hindu sacred images, Pali script, Buddhist Sutras, sacred geometry, and other unique symbols and designs. Well, apart from the fact that Sak Yant became a fashion fad since Angelina Jolie got one, you should get one purely for the spiritual significance it holds… Try to think beyond the style quotient of it – which is hard as they look stunning. Sak Yant Gao Yord by Luang Pi Pant – this was my (Ajarn Spencer) first Sak Yant tattoo, which is traditional and according to the Dtamra Sak Yant, for this is the Yant Kroo (master Guru yantra) of Luang Por Phern, and should indeed be the first tattoo you recieve before any other Sak Yant.