You can now add Gifs, Countdown Timers, Quizzes, Polls and Q&A boxes with a simple swipe of the finger (because going into the sticker button and choosing them manually before was too hard… The process is really simple – business and creators add up to 30 products from their collection on live streaming. post; share; tweet; Instagram's now rolling out a new format for its Stories Camera, which will make the app's various Stories tools - including GIFs, Countdown Stickers and Polls - easier to access and apply, direct from … Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. The Countdown sticker functionality includes an option to customize it with text, color, emojis, and add a specific date. With the new camera, you will no longer need to upload a photo or video but you can use the creator tools such as text, stickers or the drawing options to express yourself. The social media platform is constantly evolving, and it’s always better to be in the know. To do this, just type the caption and tap on the numbers keystroke (shown in the image above). Instagram is gravitating towards ‘softer’ types of blocks. Please note that your Instagram account must be in an available market in order to tag products. To return to a regular chat – swipe up again. When you see a sticker on Instagram Stories with a shopping bag on … The moment you switch to a Professional account, your inbox will be organized in 2 tabs: Note that all messages you will receive will primarily appear in the Primary tab, but you can always swipe them into the General tab. It has been a while since we have seen an Instagram Stories feature. After being tested among a small number of partners, Instagram finally announced that Instagram checkout is available to all eligible businesses and creator accounts in the USA that already have an Instagram shop. From a brand perspective, this sticker can help you showcase your product with a CTA to ‘Get more info’ or something along those lines. You can unsubscribe at any time. As announced, this feature will soon be accessible within the Explore tab too. This update will allow users to communicate across these two apps more smoothly. Please note that only people that follow each other on Instagram can use vanish Mode in direct chats. If you are still considering how to use Instagram’s new update, we got you covered! Find the latest Instagram news and updates on the official Instagram blog. With the new Commerce Eligibility Requirements, more types of businesses (including creators) can now access Instagram Shopping. By swiping up, you can see the donations by usernames and amounts. It’s no secret that the global pandemic has had a big negative impact on businesses, especially small ones. With the creator’s permission, advertisers have the ability to promote their organic branded content posts in the creator’s Instagram feed or Stories. Instagram just gave users a more exciting messaging experience to stay connected to those that matter most to you. It’s going to play as a 60-second preview that will try to navigate users towards the full video. Same here. If you share the favorites in a new story the song will play in the background. Users can access Facebook Shops through Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts or even through Stories and ads. In short, guides are recommendation articles that can include different Instagram posts or captions, products or photos, and videos. Once you are all set up, here is what you can do with Creator Studio: Now, I will show you the steps for one of the most useful features in the Creator Studio for Instagram. Social media enthusiast. Instagram has expanded the Guide functionality and is allowing all users to create article-like posts. Please note that this functionality will not show the username of the person but just their response text. Learn More . This option gives businesses the opportunity to advertise through the creators’ profiles and reach new audiences. As more and more underage users browse Instagram, it may be appropriate for certain brands to “hide” their entire profiles from youngsters. According to early adopters, despite helping brands stay connected with their fans, badges seem to be vital to make some money on Instagram. Instagram Update 4: Stories Stores Content for Longer. As announced, the Instagram app will soon have a new Shop tab in the navigation bar, so users can go to the Instagram Shop with just a tap. This feature comes as a relief for brands and account managers. Watch Together feature is going to make hanging outs even more fun on your favorite social platform. Once you activate this option, you can never again worry if the bully will swipe left on a comment. The questions will appear when you scroll through your own story and swipe up, but also in your mentions, rather than your DMs. The ad product that might attract more creators on the platform is expected to be very similar to the branded content format. The features also include a private Stories Map in Stories Archive and custom app icons on mobile. The huge advantage of Instagram Reels is the fact that Instagram as a major platform deals with record labels and provides a big library with sounds that users can freely use for their videos. Get up-to-date social media marketing tips delivered straight to your inbox. The main goal of this feature is to help business and creator accounts include stickers in their Instagram stories that will direct customers to a website where they can order food delivery or buy a gift card. The audiences who will see this ad in their Instagram feed and click on it will be directed to the product description page on Instagram, where they can go to the purchase page on the brand’s mobile site. As a publisher of the Story, you can see who requested to be a part of the chat by following the steps: Please note that on this screen you can add more people or use the options to leave the chat or remove somebody from the chat. This is the place where you can start the chat. In the meantime I ride BMX, represent some cool companies and help them run their socials. Connect with friends, share what you're up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. To guide you on how to start applying this feature in your marketing strategy, we created a step-by-step article with all the details you need on how to use Instagram’s new update. New fonts are now available for Instagram Stories and the existing fonts have been given a makeover! Ready to start adding soundtracks to your Instagram Stories? If you restrict someone, they won’t be able to comment under your posts. It will save you plenty of time and effort because everything you need to maintain your Instagram profile will be a click away. This way, any eligible business or creator that has (at least) one eligible product can use shopping tags to drive users from Instagram to their websites to buy the product. She used @instagram Shopping’s #VirtualTryOn feature, powered by Spark AR, and met her match without stepping foot in a store! This feature also helps you see how the number of followers is changing (by day or by week). This is a very simple and useful tool that allows you to post and manage Instagram directly from your PC. The rest will appear as a Request, that you will be able to move either to Primary or General. If lyrics are available for the selected song, you can show it in different fonts and designs. According to a patent application by Facebook, there is a possibility that Instagram will charge if you want to add links to your captions. Similar to Instagram checkout and Product Tagging, this feature turns business profiles into online stores. makes your seen messages disappear after you leave a chat thread. This one can be quite the time saver, but only if you’re planning on posting the same kind of content to different Instagram accounts. As you can see, Instagram has introduced quite a few new features recently – from more advanced Story features and more accessible IGTV posts, to softer forms of blocks. So, making all the needed features for Youtube creators to move to the IGTV platform is definitely the expected feature rollouts for the upcoming year. As announced, badges will appear next to a person’s name throughout the live video offering fans advantages like: Badges are expected to expand across the US, Brazil, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico in the upcoming months. Once you view the answers you can share them in your story by taping Reply that will open a new screen to take a photo or video and post it in the story with the user’s answer. The Latest Instagram Update Retains Your Story Viewer List For Up To 48 hours. March is all about embracing the usage of IGTV options. This is what makes Explore such a great place to find new products, businesses, creators, etc. You can also take audio from other users and use it in your own video. Tap the sticker icon when creating a story, Select the nonprofit and customize the name of your fundraiser, When people see the sticker, they can tap Donate and enter the amount they want to donate. The feature appears to be an attempt to mimic the huge success of Instagram's stories feature, which people do tap through by going sideways. ​​​​​​​You are probably familiar with IGTV, a video application that allows you to create and view long-form videos. To access or review your account data on Instagram, follow these steps. And relying on hashtags only is not an option anymore. When going Live, they can pin the product they are talking about so viewers can get familiar with its characteristics. So, in order to make IGTV posts more visible to other users and increase their organic reach, Instagram decided to treat them as if they were regular Instagram posts. Despite IGTV, shopping features will be tested with Instagram Reels, too. So, Instagram made it easier for us to notice whether we’ve been tagged in a Story or not. Finally some great news for the brands that sell their products directly on Instagram. Note: Next month (on the 29th of June, 2020), we can expect to see the long-awaited Instagram API update that was postponed several times. Manage unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages in a single inbox. It takes up to 48 hours to receive a download link., How to Manage Comments on Instagram Ads Like a Pro, How I Used Hashtags to Grow my Instagram Organic Reach 20x, Instagram Statistics That Matter for Marketers in 2020, How to Get More Comments on Instagram in 2020, The ‘How To’ of Instagram Customer Service, Find out how we manage your personal data. Tap on it once or twice to get paragraph space and continue typing the rest of your caption. The feature is currently in a roll-out phase and it will start appearing for some creators in the coming weeks. ✨, A post shared by Spark AR (@sparkarcreators) on Dec 11, 2019 at 5:02pm PST. WATCH STORIES . Or better, subscribe for our newsletter and we will bring all new Instagram updates right to your inbox: Get the latest news, tips and tricks about Instagram, Facebook and all social media marketing. Let’s dive right in! Branded content is making it’s way to the forefront of Instagram, helping creators turn their passion into a living (more than ever). Anyhow, it turns out that you can’t turn the dark mode on from within the Instagram app. Back in the day you had to block an account and then unblock it to remove it as your follower. Here are some of the creators in the initial test phase: Aimee Song, Alissa Ashley, Alondra Ortiz, Alyssa Coscarelli, Annabelle Fleur, Ashley Strong, Blair Eadie, Brittany Xavier, Camila Coelho, Candace Parker and more. Another new Instagram update to hit the app in June, was shoppable Instagram stories. Fast forward 2 weeks, and Alohas gained over 11 thousand followers. TikTok videos also started up to 15 seconds long, but the company recently extended the limit to 60 seconds. You will have all the insights needed to learn more about your followers and the actions they are performing and even identify your top followers, Manage every message you get from one inbox, Write the post caption and upload content (photos or videos), It will appear over your story, where you can tap to. Update 2: How To Use Custom Share Music Feature In Instagram Stories Another Instagram update includes the option of adding a new custom feature to share music on the mobile application of Instagram. An interesting use case of this sticker is that of Alohas – a clothing brand from Spain. Once the update is over, you should be able to enjoy the new font styles on Instagram Stories like the rest of us! Suggested Post’s goal is not just to increase user engagement and time spent on the app but also to give publishers a new ground to show more ads. To start, access Instagram Creators Studio from Facebook Creators Studio. With this sticker, Instagram is enabling you to start a fundraising campaign that will help you collect funds via Instagram stories. In more detail, there is a clear intent in the keyword. This option is already rolled out and you can find it by following these steps: Publish a story; Tap on the 3 dots in the right bottom; Tap ‘Share link to Entire Story’ Will Instagram follow the same practice? Then, tap on an Instagram post you want to manage and view the comments section. To achieve this, Instagram developed a feature to help professional accounts edit their profile in just a few clicks. Instagram users like to connect with brands. Currently, Instagram allows only over 10k followers and verified profiles to add links to their Stories. Stories . In addition to adding stickers to your Stories, you can also add Gift Cards, Order Food, and Donate options in the form of clickable buttons on your Instagram account. All nonprofits will receive 100% of the money you raise. To help you organize those messages and control notifications, Instagram created a new inbox organization that will help you sort your messages based on their importance and priority. Talking about adding some catchy soundtrack to your Instagram story, Instagram Reels added some useful options for all Reels creators. Read, FeedLink: Free Linktree Alternative for Your Instagram Link in bio, Collect customer testimonials in your Intercom Chat with EmbedSocial, How to Create and Embed Customer Feedback Form on Any Website (+ Free Tool), Resources for Instagram Marketers in Time of Coronavirus Crisis, Instagram Story Ads: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers in 2020, Instagram Reels: Everything You Need to Know About. questions sticker), text, and drawings without the necessity of having a photo or video in the background. With this update, Instagram users can create 15-second video clips set to music and share them as Stories. Published Oct. 9, 2019 Share it. If you see this feature from a social media marketing perspective, it seems like an interesting opt-in option that can help you understand who is strongly interested in the campaign you are launching. For example, people who use the Messenger app can get in touch with you on Instagram without downloading the Insta app (and in reverse). We created this article where you can find everything that you should know as a marketer about the upcoming API change and what should you in case your plugins stopped working due to this change. Whatever the case, Instagram introduced this sneaky little feature of suggesting which people you should unfollow. Although the feature was initially developed for private Instagram accounts, brands (especially in the e-commerce industry) found a way to use this tool and start a conversation with their fans.