Add to Wish List. Some 18 months later, Shark introduced a new version called the Evo-One 2. Add to Cart. For weight, with 1635 grams on our scale, the helmet earns 3 stars. Rating: 0%. The EVO-ES marks the next generation of the Shark Evoline 3. Before we get to our data, just a quick word for how we set up our road test. Shark Evo-ES - Blank Mat KMA . This helmet does have an integrated drop-down sun visor operated by the lever on the top though it doesn’t seem to go down very far, and you may get a lot of glare from the larger visor. Shark Evo-One VS Shark Evoline 3: The Shark Flip Up Helmets Battle It Out Shark Flip-up Helmets: What is the difference between the Shark Evo-One & the Evoline. In fact, quite the reverse, we think this is a better helmet than the Evo-One 2. The tolerances throughout were much finer. Lastly, we got the day’s airspeed from a bike mounted anemometer. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. So, stay tuned for helmet data straight from the road. There are times when motorcycling will be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Structure and safety :. For noise, we used a decibel meter taking readings from a microphone placed near our rider’s ear. The latest incarnation is, in our view, the best. Looking at the liner now, it’s another area where Shark have made a change, though the Evo One 2 origins are clear. It was, in some ways, an evolution of the Boxer helmet that had originally been released by Claude Morin’s Roof concern about a decade earlier. Der Helm entspricht somit den als solcher für Stadt- oder Überland- Anforderungen, die in allen Ländern fahrten bestens geeignet. This means that you’ll need to bring a screwdriver or other small object and then you make sure the visor is in the open position. Instead of the previous bamboo fiber liner, you’ve now got a Bird Eyes liner fabric to help with the helmet’s comfort. But the biggest change was to the visor mechanism itself. Choose from 5 options and Find the best price for SHARK Evo-One from 19 offers. It was a clever system. So, with the anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, this will no longer be a problem and you can finally simply use the helmet as it was meant to be, and the added bonus is that it also reduces the price. Shark Evo-One 2 . Rating: 0%. Ventilation aside though, the chin bar is very easy to operate with a single button located in the center and an auto up / auto down system means you don’t have to worry about adjusting the visor when lifting the chin bar since the helmet takes care of that already. One of the biggest changes from the start is that the Shark helmet is actually 90 Euros cheaper than the Evo One 2, so that’s a recommended retail price of about 310 Euros, or around 350 US Dollars. Since even though the Shark anti-fog coating is good, Pinlocks often end up better. Company registration number: 3016917. In fact, the Shark was, and still is, about as protective as an open-face ever could be. Then, one day I was booked on a photography job, and pulled it out, so I could flip it up and take pics from the back of a bike. A series of Arais has led me to the fact that my head is an intermediate oval. This helmet weighs about 1635 grams in a size M, or 3lbs 10oz, which is actually fairly light. The Roof was much more suited to urban riding, and indeed it became hugely popular with urban commuters and couriers. Shop for SHARK Evo-One Flip-Up Helmet. This is the helmet the engineers had originally envisaged, and always wanted to produce. The EVO-ES weighs in at 1.65 kg which, for a dual-homologated helmet, is not too heavy and SHARK says it invested in aerodynamic testing to ensure that the helmet is comfortable when riding for long periods of time. So, rather than being a modular helmet, it is a true integral-type helmet. With the specs over with, let’s hit the road and see how the EVO ES performs. Percentage of impacts where the face guard remained fully locked. Nothing confirmed the existence of a flaw in the design of the helmet more than those instructions! If you really cannot bear the possibility that, very occasionally, you may experience some condensation in your helmet, it may be that motorcycling isn’t for you! The Shark EVO-ES embodies all of SHARK’s expertise in the design of modular helmets for daily users seeking to enjoy optimal protection whether in the jet or integral position. With the interior out the helmet’s EPS grooves are fairly deep and there are speaker pockets on either side since the EVO ES is meant to integrate with the Sharktooth Prime Communication System. OUR PRICE £279.99. It created marks on the surface of the Pinlock right in the middle of the line of sight. Here at Motolegends we’ve decided to drop the Evo-One 2 completely, in favour of the ES. Raise the chin bar, and you got a very useable open-face with particularly good protection around the jaw and chin. * Your email address will not be published, © Copyright 2020 But there was a problem. The Shark Evo-One 2 has been ECE certified for sale in Europe and has been safety tested by the SHARP helmet testing labs in the UK. Now, on the old Evoline 3, if you wanted to bring the chin bar from the rear position round to the front of the helmet, you had to first raise the visor. The Shark, by contrast, was much better for riding on the open road. Like the Roof, the new Shark featured a 180° rotating chin bar that could be raised from its forward, closed position, to lock into place at the back of the helmet. Looking at the ventilation, Shark have largely left this untouched. The shell is pretty much the same as the Evo One 2 so it is made of injected thermoplastic resin with a multi-density EPS, and it comes in 2 Shell sizes. Since the visor is only antifog treated with no option for a Pinlock like on the Evo One 2, the helmet earns 2 stars. Considering that this was also the same score as for the Shark Evo One, we’d expect the same for the Evo ES. Champion Helmet's mission is offering the best possible shopping experience to any motorcycle rider who visits us in our Store or online - shopping for motorcycle jackets, boots, helmets, motorcycle gear or any kind of different accessory. Out on the road our rider found the helmet to be very bulky while riding, which mainly comes down to the availability of only two shell sizes. And, of course, in this regard the helmet was much more useable than a typical flip-lid which, frankly, was never designed for riding in the open position. The new helmet was called the Evo-One, and it incorporated a number of improvements over the old Evoline. Motorcycling is a passion that invokes extremes of experience. Though Shark have simplified the helmet a little bit and added a few tweaks here and there to make our lives a bit easier, and it does offer you the same great features of the EVO One 2. But Shark’s management wanted to create clear blue water between the Evo-One 2 and the Evo ES, and so they have reduced the price across the variants of the Evo ES by around £90 vis-à-vis the Evo-One 2. Make sure to cover the screwdriver to avoid scratching your helmet, and then, you just push in on two triangular notches on either side of the visor. Shark have worked tirelessly to find ways of improving the already popular Shark Evoline and have created the all new for 2016 Shark Evo-One! While the Shark EVO ES has not been tested by Shark yet, the previous Evo One 2 has, and it earned 4/5 stars with the chin bar staying shut in 100% of impact tests. We think simply that it’s a better helmet. The helmet’s 2 brow vents then managed to keep the interior temperature to about the same with 29 degrees Celsius inside as well. We took the helmet’s interior temperature with a thermometer placed between the helmet’s liner and the EPS. This will also mean that the helmet will be heavier and potentially less safe. In the closed position, you had a proper full-face helmet. Shark Evoline Series 3 Polycarbonate flip front helmet with inner sun visor An unprecedented amount of work by the Shark R&D department has perfected the Evoline Series 3 giving it a super smooth opening chin bar, increased noise portection and improved aerodynamics in both full face and open face modes. It was a better helmet, but not a perfect one. One thing to note as far as appearance is that instead of the chrome plates on the sides and front of the chin bar, and along the top of the helmet that you were getting on the EVO One 2, Shark have now added regular panels that blend in with the rest of the helmet and this will also cut the cost a bit further. Please click here to return to our editorial menu. The Shark EVO ES is a modular helmet that has the same 180 flip up ability as its sibling the Evo One 2. Once pressed in, you can slide the visor out of the mount by pulling lightly up. If you’d like to learn more about the Shark EVO-ES Modular Helmet, then make sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have our Shark EVO-ES Review and Road Test Video alongside plenty more data driven road tests. I have just used my new EVO-ONE on a road trip from the UK to Sicily and back via Sardinia and Spain in temperatures up to 40 degrees - so a fairly good test. On the new helmet, the problems had apparently been resolved, but whilst the new helmet was certainly an improvement, not all of the problems were eradicated. And bugger me if it wasn't actually really good. In extreme conditions, we were able to induce some light condensation on the inside of the visor, but it didn’t fog up. If need be, you’ll definitely get plenty of air if you have that chin bar up, though it’s not recommended to ride this way. Although it looks overall similar in style and is similar in naming (and it is coming with a lot of the same features) it’s still got a few interesting tweaks that we’ll go over today that will make it an improvement over the EVO One 2. Add to Cart. Now, we’ve done a fair amount of testing in the Evo ES. Read our infographic to see which features of the Shark helmets are similar and which features are different. This has been a consistent pain point with the Evo series helmet lines since two shell sizes will mean less comfort and a less proportional fit. And this is important because, if it fits you well, it’s a darned good helmet. So, that wraps up our review of the Shark EVO ES Motorcycle Helmet. Micro lock buckle system. The EVO-ONE 2 helmet is an evolution of the world famous EVOLINE SERIES 3 modular helmet with enhanced chin locking system, new auto up and down visor and a general reviewed kinematic. They could bomb down the Autoroute at three figure speeds with all the protection of a standard full-face, but having caught their prey they could raise the chin bar to tell the poor hapless motorist why they were being given a ticket! In retrospect it wasn’t, perhaps, a major issue, but Shark felt it was an inconvenience too far, and so they set out to create a new mechanism that overcame the problem. Add to Wish List. And this is going to be another major change between the ES and the EVO One 2. Extreme wet. * Required fields are marked with an asterisk. This is an important thing to consider since shell sizes affect how well the helmet fits and looks since a certain shell size will cover a certain range of sizes, so, the more the better. The engineering challenge was not insignificant, and Shark’s solution was both clever and elegant. Les motards font partie des usagers de la route les plus en danger lorsqu’ils circulent du fait qu’ils sont mis en danger en permanence, mais aussi et surtout du fait que leur protection est beaucoup moindre qu’un habitacle de voiture par exemple. Shark sent me this EVO-ONE unit to test when it was new, and tbh, I left it at the back of the cupboard for a few months, convinced it wasn't for me. The Evo ES has no Pinlock visor, so gone are all the scratching issues. It wasn’t the kind of helmet you wanted to do big road miles in. Been a big fan of the old Shark Evoline 3's for some time and upgraded to the new Evo One 4 weeks ago. In 2016, however, Shark effected a major upgrade. Add to Cart. Shark helmets have fast become the world's most dominant brand in motorcycle helmet production. However, the option of using the EVO ES as an open face and a full face helmet is very handy. Extreme cold. The liner is well padded with plenty of space for ventilation. 25 years trading now sees the French helmet manufacturer trade in more than 45 countries worldwide, employing over 600 people. For noise, we got a decent result with 102 decibels earning the helmet 3 stars. They have created a major innovation in SHARK's EVO line of helmets: compactness and a full array of technical characteristics already rank it among the SHARK brand's greatest successes. It looked cool as hell, but it had a very particular fit that didn’t work on everybody, and even when the chin bar was closed it was a noisy helmet. If you’d like to learn more about the Shark EVO ES, then make sure to check out where we have our lowest price guarantee and plenty of bundle deals including additional visors or discounted communication systems. Shark EVO-ES Review and Road Test + Video The Shark EVO-ES is a new updated version of the Shark Evo One 2, a big player in mid-range touring modular helmets. So, you do get a chin vent for bringing air onto the visor and into the helmet. Shark Evo ES Matte Black Black £279.99; Shark Spartan Blank Mat KRA Black £279.99; Shark Evo ES Gloss White White £269.99; 37% OFF RRP Shark EVO-ONE Astor KWA White £399.99 £249.99; 37% OFF RRP Shark EVO-ONE Astor KWR Red £399.99 £249.99; 37% OFF RRP Shark EVO-ONE Krono WKR White £399.99 £249.99 Shark will have made some more savings by removing some of the bling trim from the helmet, but the reality is that Shark has simply made the Evo ES cheaper than the Evo-One as a way of winning back customers and goodwill. This ensure our ratings accurately reflect the safety performance of … The visor of the helmet is not Pinlock prepared but it is anti-fog treated like most of Shark’s other helmets. This also means that if, for example, you are a size XS then the helmet will look especially large since you’re sharing a shell size with S and M as well. Though this is a change for the better, we’d have still preferred keeping the Pinlock visor and fixing the clearance issue. As the EVOLINE SERIES 3, the EVO-ONE 2 is simply one of the world's safest modular helmet on the market. The day’s average airspeed was about 120 to 130 km/h while the exterior temperature was about 28 to 29 degrees Celsius, or 84 Fahrenheit. The helmet simply works. The Shark EVO-ES is a new updated version of the Shark Evo One 2, a big player in mid-range touring modular helmets. But, actually, the bigger problem was that the improved tolerances were so fine that the Pinlock, when fitted to the inside of the visor, had a tendency to rub against the brow of the helmet. Apparently, it was the marketing people who insisted that the helmet had to be equipped with an anti-fog visor. OUR PRICE £279.99 WAS £399.99. Add to Wish List. Page 38 Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für den Der SHARK-Evo-One-Helm ist aner- Evo-One entschieden haben. If you are a modular helmet enthusiast, chances are that you heard about the Shark EVO products in … Copyright © Motolegends 2020. But Shark’s management wanted to create clear blue water between the Evo-One 2 and the Evo ES, and so they have reduced the price across the variants of the Evo ES by around £90 vis-à-vis the Evo-One 2. And the fact that you can now buy into the concept for just £270 makes it a helmet that no biker can afford to ignore. The reason for this change was that even with the Evo One 2, the clearance of the visor with the Pinlock was too low, which meant that the helmet would sometimes scratch the Pinlock insert itself, making it difficult to see and even use. The SHARK EVO range, the reference within the modular helmet market, has been broadened this year with the release of two new models: the EVO-ES and the EVOJET. Tested: Shark Evo-One 2 motorcycle helmet review By John Milbank bennetts_bike Consumer Editor of Bennetts BikeSocial, John's owned over 20 bikes, is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators and part of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group The ratings are based upon the test results of helmets SHARP has independently purchased from retail outlets. There’s now no Pinlock, so it cannot work itself loose, and of course there’s no rubbing of the anti-fog insert against the helmet. Shark Evo-ES - Yari Mat AYS . This is achieved by using SHARK… Shark Evo-One 2 - Blank Mat AMA - SALE . For the cheek pads, it’s very simple since they’re held in with some Velcro and two snaps on either side, and while removing the cheeks you can also see the microratchet chin strap. Although it looks overall similar in style and is similar in naming (and it is coming with a lot of the same features) it’s still got a few interesting tweaks that we’ll go over today that will make it an improvement over the EVO One 2. 2 shell sizes for optimal morphological adjustment . Like the Evo One 2, this helmet should fit an intermediate oval head shape and it is ECE 22.05 certified. Shark Helmets presenta due nuovi caschi della linea Discovery, l'EVOJET e il CITYCRUISER. This means the Shark EVOES is coming as the latest in a long line of Evo modular series with a nice price reduction and it takes up the mantle admirably. Extreme heat. So, with the same interior and exterior temperature the Evo ES earns 4 stars. The EVO-ES is dual-homologated, so it can be legally, safely and comfortably used in the open and locked position, and it is fastened using a quick-release chin strap. On the new helmet, when the visor was open, it sat much closer to the shell, for much less wind resistance, for example. Cool-looking Evo-One 2 Lithion Safety. While “normal” flip-up helmets have their chinbars hanging above the face, the Evo-One 2’s can be flipped all the way back for a true jet-type (open-faced) helmet. Multi-density EPS... Visor : Up top, you have two adjustable air intakes on either side of the brow, and lastly, the hot air will escape out the exhaust vents in the back of the helmet. Shark Evo ES Helmet from the UK's leading online bike store. VAT no: GB653763319. They have developed another variant, called the Evo ES, with a particularly high-quality visor that has a heavy-duty, anti-fog coating. Now we come to our Champion Helmets ranking for the Shark EVO AS. Overall, this brings the Shark Evo ES to a total of 3 stars at a budget friendly 18 Euros per star. The original Shark Evoline modular helmet was first launched in 2008. Of course, losing the Pinlock will have allowed Shark to make a cost saving on the new helmet, although the upgraded visor will have added to their cost. The Shark EVO-ES embodies all of SHARK’s expertise in the design of modular helmets for daily users seeking to enjoy optimal protection whether in the jet or integral position. Shark Evo-One 2 - Lithion Dual KUR - SALE . It cannot be compared to driving around in a Beemer with the air conditioning cranked up. Registered office: Unit 8 Quadrum Park, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1LU. It still won’t be right for everybody, because it has a very particular fit, but if you want one helmet that delivers total open-face as well as total full-face functionality, then there’s nothing out there that compares with the Shark. Want some more? OUR PRICE £309.99. For noise, the Evo ES performed about average with a noise level of 102 dB inside the helmet, which was the same as the Evo One 2. To put the visor back in you simply snap it back in again in the open position. We don’t really know what the pertinent developments were, and actually that’s history we don’t really need to go into at this point. Choose from 16 options and Find the best price for SHARK Evo-One 2 from 133 offers. It made for a helmet that, in some ways, gave riders the best of both worlds. More recently it has come to light that the engineers who originally developed the Evo-One never really wanted to incorporate a Pinlock. - Theme by, Laguna Seca 4 Perforated One-Piece Racing Suit, Dainese Storm 2 Jacket and Pants Review + Video, Dainese Thunder Gore-Tex Glove Review + Video, Dainese Mistica Tex Jacket Review + Video, Shark EVO-ES Review and Road Test + Video, Dainese Sauris 2 D-Dry Jacket Review + Video, Arai RX-7V Racing Helmet Review and Road Test + Video, Dainese Sport Master Gore-Tex Boot Review + Video. And so, on the new Evo-One helmet a complicated system of internal levers and cams meant that when you raised the chin bar from the back of the helmet, the visor raised automatically, allowing the chin bar to clear it without contact. Add to Cart. The Evoline was eventually supplanted by the Evoline 2, and later the Evoline 3. Starting from £220.25. The Shark was always a more serious proposition than the Roof. Today, we’ll finally be reviewing and road testing the latest Shark EVO ES, the newest in the Shark 180-degree flip up modular helmet series. And just like the original Evo-One, it scored an excellent four out of five stars for safety (read more about their safety testing … Another nice feature that Shark kept is that this helmet actually does have double P/J  homologation for riding with the chin bar up or down and another nice safety feature is even with the chin bar up, the helmet extends quite far out to protect the jaw. We conducted our test at 130 km/h, or 80 mph, on long stretches of highway. We carry all the colourways in stock, but if you want to work out whether this helmet really is for you, we still think a visit to Guildford might pay dividends. We cannot promise that you won’t ever get any misting on the inside of the visor, but we reckon that it will be very rare indeed, and if it does happen, opening the visor for a couple of seconds will quickly remedy the situation. Nonetheless, this means that it will be competing with the Shoei Neotec 2, Schuberth C4 Pro, Roof BoXXer Carbon, Nolan N100-5 Plus, HJC RPHA 90S Carbon, and AGV Sportmodular. The SHARK Evo-One 2 changes that. Okay, in terms of quiet, it was still no Schuberth, but it was good enough. Aside from the size of the helmet, our rider found it to be mid-range in its performance and that he did not find the new liner made a substantial difference. We’ll tell you if it fits you the way it should, and if it doesn’t we’ll play around with the interchangeable cheekpads to try and make it work. The visors of the EVO ES and the EVO One 2 are the same VZ150 visor, so you have the same process to replace the visor then. Best Prices Best Products Best Shops Best Reviews Price Alerts Price Trends on Free UK delivery over £25 and easy returns on our range of over 100,000 products. Period. The Shark EVO-ES is the latest entry into the everyday 180-degree flip up helmet segment. 100 %. View Shark EVO-ES Modular Helmet images from our RideApart-Single photo gallery. Really like the helmet and it is a better helmet except for one major flaw :( The visor with the pinlock attached has virtually no clearance from the shell of the helmet when in the open position and as a result rubs on the shell. When we took the helmet out on the road, it was a great summer day with clear skies and high temperatures. The plus points are that this is a very comfortable helmet with a good quality lining and effective ventilation … The mechanism was temperamental, meaning that the chin bar sometimes got stuck. Starting from £247.62. Shell made of injected thermoplastic resin. 0 Le casque Shark Evo-one : Le choix de la rédaction. If you didn’t do this, the chin bar would catch on the visor. This represents a marked improvement from our previous test of the Evo One 2. Welcome to SHARP, the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme, a scheme to help motorcyclists make an informed choice when buying a helmet. The main issue was still the Pinlock. Add to Wish List. Tested: Shark Evo-One helmet review By John Milbank bennetts_bike Consumer Editor of Bennetts BikeSocial, John's owned over 20 bikes, is a member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators and part of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group kannt und mit der Norm UNECE R 22/05 Der Evo-One ist ein Qualitätshelm, und konform. To do that, you slide a small notch at the front back and you can then pull the neck roll out which will take the rest of the liner with it. For more information and to order online, click Shark Evo ES helmet. The modular concept developed by Shark was always a strong one. Shark Helmets added a new model to its 2020 Discovery modular lid lineup—the EVO-ES. Registered in England. So, you are getting a more budget friendly helmet compared to the Evo One 2, which is coming from the overall simplification of the helmet’s design. The EVO-ES embodies all of SHARK’s expertise in the design of modular helmets for daily users seeking to enjoy optimal protection whether in the jet or integral position. Now this is not, in our view, a reflection of a lesser helmet. Shark Evo-ES - Yari Mat KAA . We’ve ridden a lot of miles in conditions that are likely to test the visor’s anti-fog coating, and we have to say that it has stood up pretty well.